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Monday 12 June 2017

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer - The Priests House Barden

Well it had to happen sooner or later, the wettest wedding of 2017 so far last Saturday for Joanna & Lee's special wedding day at another shiny new venue for us at The Priests House in Barden just round the corner from Bolton Abbey.

I started off at Linton Laithe (one of the best B&B's ever with lots of room to move around plus numerous bedrooms as well) which was just up the road from The Priests House around 11am to capture all the girls getting ready plus all the cute kids doing their thing (how good was woody sat chilling with his iPad and all the cute flower girls catching up on the latest episode of BGT)

It really was kinda a wet day and I was praying for some epic skies later or just hoping the rain would kinda stop!! Not one to ever let the weather scupper the wedding fun & craziness though I cracked on just capturing as much as poss (always love the getting ready build up bit, tbf love it all)

I set off behind the awesome wedding cars provided by Platinum Limo Hire to The Priests House just down the (very narrow) roads (still raining) #boohoo. Lee was waiting patiently inside the ceremony room and after a few bride getting out the car shots etc I was led (the trademans entrance way) down to the reception room where I got my spot at the front to be met by (no word of a lie) Sue Pollard the Registrar (no hi de hi jokes please)

Joanna looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous dress and I defo think Lee was slightly nervous whilst he waited patiently for her to make her entrance.

After the reception meal the rain had finally stopped (wahoo) and as I can be quite assertive I got everybody up round the back by Barden Tower to go through as many shots as poss (which we had planned for earlier), stacks of fun & banter whilst we go about shooting (is there any other way)

Joanna & Lee really do have some fab friends & family as everybody was so up for a laugh and made it so easy to do what I do best

Below we have a selection from Saturdays (wet) Wedding at The Priests House in Barden, all the images used in this BLOG Highlights are also available to view HERE full size with options for downloads and print purchase

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Joanna & Lee Wedding Highlights 10th June 2017 at The Priests House Barden from Image-i-Nation Photography on Vimeo.

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