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Tuesday 31 October 2017

English Wedding Awards Chapter 2 - Yorkshire Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017

Wowee we have just had notification we have once again been nominated to possibly win the title of Yorkshire Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 amongst some absolutely fantastic wedding photographers (massive shout to everybody that supports us and nominated us)

Last year was the very first English Wedding Awards and yes we actually won the title of Yorkshire Wedding Photographer 2016, you can see more about the event HERE

The second chapter of the black tie event  for The English Wedding Awards will be held at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel on (same hotel as last year) Monday, the 27th of November. So we will be dusting off the suit & tie (not really a suit kinda guy) and Mrs R will be getting super glammed up and setting off on our travels

Here's a little bit about the event taken from the English Wedding Awards web site, to view the full post click HERE

The English Wedding Awards aim to recognise and reward those within the wedding industry that work towards making your special day perfect, including the caterers that provide delicious reception meals for your wedding, the DJs and bands that add the extra thrill to the atmosphere, the hair and makeup artists that make you look and feel on top of the world, and many others.

The glamorous event promises to be the biggest and most unforgettable night in this year’s events calendar. Numerous prestigious accolades will be awarded to the most deserving professionals and businesses, including Wedding Venue of the Year, Caterer of the Year, Photographer of the Year, Specialist Wedding Supplier of the Year and many more.

The awards are organised by Creative Oceanic, an events and communications agency, known for planning and delivering a wide range of unique and notable events including The Independent Retail Awards, The Hair & Beauty Awards, The Food Awards, The Hospitality Awards and others.

Irfan Younis, CEO of organisers Creative Oceanic, said: “We are delighted by the support we have had from the public who have voted for their favourites to show them the appreciation they deserve. The awards aim to celebrate the most dedicated and successful professionals and businesses in the English wedding industry. We wish all the finalists the best of luck.”

In addition, The English Wedding Awards will support the Make-A-Wish Foundation to fundraise for a worthwhile cause.

After being nominated and all the nominations announced you have to send evidence of reviews and a little bit of history about yourself and why you should win, maybe you have a different style (we certainly do) you provide a handful of recent wedding images (ours we sent are below) plus maybe any charity work you are involved with (we just last weekend donated a lifestyle shoot voucher to macmillan charity and we also got involved by dressing up fancy dress (you don't wanna see the pic do you, oh go on then its down below at the bottom of this post) and totally supporting the fab rock band Storm at Rhubarb in Huddersfield last Saturday eve.

To see over 270 reviews on our awesome facebook page click HERE

This group shot from Emma & Adam's wedding at the fantastic Wentbridge House just about sums us up, look at the energy and natural smiley faces in this shot, we absolutely LOVE our freestyle group shots!

To see Emma & Adam's full wedding highlights click HERE

This shot was from Keri & Dan's wedding last year at Fishlake Mill in Doncaster, always on the look out for awesome dusk style sunset shots, Keri & Dan were actually just finishing off their meal inside the marquee when I was wandering around outside and saw the absolutely awesome sunset, I went back inside to ask them if they would like to take advantage of the fab sunset to which they didn't hesitate and we tripped off, the results are stunning so thanks guys!

To see Keri & Dan's full wedding highlights click HERE

This shot was taken at Oulton Hall for Bridget & Colin's wedding this July 2017. We are not ones for a 2 hour Bride & Groom photo session like some other Yorkshire Wedding Photographers we much prefer the fun & laughter as we go creating natural moments, here we took advantage of the gorgeous blue sky and using the elevated position on the golf course we get a clear view of this! 

To see Bridget & Colin's wedding highlights click HERE

A shot from Emily & Josh's wedding at the magical Waterton Park this May 2017. Sometimes images are inspired by the smallest thing, I saw a couple trying to do a piggy back ride and thought how fun would it look if we got the bridal party involved, this shot now is a popular one with our fun loving couples that book us!

To see Emily & Josh's wedding highlights click HERE

This was an idea that Elisa had as she has seen it somewhere else, we always encourage our couples to send us a handful of images they like and also maybe create a Pinterest board so they can 'pin' images from anywhere so we can see them a build up a idea of what they like and maybe don't like as much, we can then create some a4 sheets with small thumbnails so on the actually wedding day when we get some time with the couple we have some ideas (though we do have loads of our own already)

To see Elisa & Claudio's absolutely fantastic Italian wedding highlights click HERE

Well what can we say about this image from Emma & Adam's wedding just over a month ago at the fab Wentbridge House, we love this so much we have made this our new Facebook Page profile pic. This is a simple one light set up. Jordan our Videographer is literally hiding behind the couple with a Nikon SB 910 (speed light) angled at a 45% angle so half at the couple and half up to the roof of the folly so we get some bounce back, we really love fun weddings but are also starting to introduce more creative wedding images like this with lighting techniques plus we have lots of ideas for the future (been watching you tube again Kev)

To see Emma & Adam's fun wedding highlights click HERE

This image was taken from our very first wedding at the magical Saddleworth Hotel (our very first wedding here and we booked another one from the strength of this image for 2019)
Literally don't know where the time goes on wedding days and after getting Allyson & Andy alone for some time I got them outside for some creative and romantic shots all around the beautiful grounds of Saddleworth Hotel (whilst eve guests were arriving). In this shot we have the best man (thanks for the help with the light) behind the couple firing the light straight into the couple and triggered by me with Phottix Odin 2 flash triggers, absolutely love the result!

To view Allyson & Andy's wedding highlights click HERE

Another image just outside Saddleworth Hotel taking advantage of the stunning views using the best man again to fire the flash into the bride (always ask them to close the eyes, we don't want to blind anybody)

You might know we absolutely LOVE autumn and all the autumn colours so when we got the chance to hook up with Jenna & Jay just down the road from us for a post wedding shoot we jumped at the chance. We shot Jenna & Jay's wedding last year and Jenna has been to quite a few weddings with us to 2nd shoot as she has a keen interest in photography

To see Jenna & Jay's wedding highlights click HERE

Look how absolutely gorgeous this scenery looks with all that autumn colour? A pretty natural shot with no lighting techniques, just a smiley couple walking towards the camera looking and smiling at each other with leaves falling down! Love it

Anybody that is a fan of Image-i-Nation Photography will know (or if you don't) we absolutely love dogs, the cuter the better! So when we shot Becky & Jonathan's wedding this year and they had the cutest little puppy when we initially met them, a few months later and little Heidi was loving life and looking even cuter so a cheeky little kiss for her from the gorgeous Becky on her wedding day, Heidi even had her very own bling headpiece on!

To see Becky & Jonathan's wedding highlights click HERE

Another beautiful autumn shot with a cheeky bum squeeze!

This is shot from Joanna & Lee's absolutely super wet June wedding at The Preists House in Barden (just round the corner from Bolton Abbey), it literally rained ALL day! 
Inside one of the doorways of the priests house we set this shot up (as Joanna had expressed she wanted to do this shot)
Quite a simple set up with no fancy flash and all natural light, just darkening the background in post production

To see Joanna & Lee's (wet) wedding highlights click HERE

Observation and reaction literally all day long at every single wedding, this is a natural moment from Becky & Jonathan's wedding actually down on their farm (yes they had their very own cornfield). I think we were trying to get a view type blowy shot and I just love Beckys natural expression plus Jonathan's unsuccessful attempt to get the veil to lift up and his expression, this is an absolute belter!

To see Becky & Jonathan's wedding highlights click HERE

A natural moment with Bridget at Oulton Hall and a lovely smiley face complete with swirly dress shot! Natural light here with just some gradient tool used to keep the detail in the sky. Colin was stood just outside the frame checking out his gorgeous wife now they were married. A super long day as we were there early doors around 8am for getting ready shots but enjoyed every single minute of this wedding day. Colin even said to me if he would have had a 'normal' photographer he didn't think they would have achieved half the shots we got, lots of banter and fun with this lot at a stunning wedding venue in our home of sunny Yorkshire

To see Bridget & Colin's wedding highlights click HERE

Shot with our awesome Nikon 70-200 at Carmen & Daniels Kings Croft Wedding, just look at that beautiful golden hour light and the bokeh that we can create with this lens! 

Carmen & Daniel's wedding at Kings Croft in June is probably one of the hottest weddings we have ever attended, it was over 30 degrees c for most of the day, at one point, whilst they were seated for the reception meal, we were sat in the car with aircon maxed out (told you it was rather warm)
After the reception meal we had some time so encouraged everybody back onto the front gardens to get some more shots plus lots of fun like we do, in and amongst the fun stuff we got the most gorgeous light I have ever seen and this is just one shot from quite a few, I love the pose, not too stuffy and how gorgeous does Carmen look here, she is owning that decking, you go girl! Curvy girls defo do it best and Carmen is so gorgeous, just beautiful inside & out and so smiley all of the time (we loved the pre shoot at hard castle crags, what a fun afternoon that was)

To see Carmen & Daniel's wedding highlights click HERE

Fun with the guys at Emma & Adam's wedding a few weeks ago once again at the fantastic Wentbridge House. This shot was taken when I had been shooting some get ready stuff with the girls I bobbed downstairs to meet the guys and before Adam thought it was a good idea to walk up to the Bluebell Inn for a few drinks to calm the nerves I suggested some guy stuff, started gently with them building up to some more fun stuff, after this shot and some running stuff Adam's dad announced he needed to lie down haha. Lots of energy of fun as ever with us, no boring stuffy poses, just natural smiles and lots of banter with everybody, normally the best man gets it 😂

To view Emma & Adam's wedding highlights click HERE

This is a shot from Amy & Marc's wedding at The Earl in Doncaster a few weeks ago on a Sunday. The weather was absolutely fantastic all day and that really did help as The Earl in Doncaster doesn't have any grounds for photos as such, I encouraged everybody over the road to the park area where we captured stacks of stuff, formal family shots whilst having fun and lots of crazy moments too. Amy had expressed she wanted to create this type of shot which tbf is quite easy, the hardest part is maybe getting small children to look at the camera on cue, all natural light and a slight radial filter adjustment in camera raw to brighten Amy's smile up

To see Amy & Marc's wedding highlights click HERE

What can we say about this image? Such a natural moment outside the church door for Deana & Daniel's wedding this September with one of the cute flower girls really really trying to get her smile out! At every single wedding we really do try to stay in 'the zone' for the whole day, looking for moments like this, natural light here, just such a cute moment we had to choose this, plus when we shared this in a fb group recently it got over 700 likes!!!

To view Deana & Daniel's wedding highlights click HERE

Another shot with the gorgeous Emma just outside the folly at dusk at one of our fav wedding venues around the Yorkshire regions Wentbridge House. Some creative lighting going on here too, I have Jordan (our video guy) hiding behind Emma holding the Nikon SB910 firing into the brides dress triggered with our awesome Phottix Odin 2's

Becky & Jonathan in that cornfield! How cool is it to actually have your very own cornfield? When you get a sky like that then sorry theres no questions we have to get some beautiful night time shots, look at Becky's expression too, all natural, wonder what Jonathan is saying to her?

One of the favs from a very very cold January wedding at Peak Edge in Sheffield (peak edge even sounds cold) where we saw the snow coming down which with a brave Bride & Groom out in the cold (for literally 30 seconds and the doorway is just to the left of the image). Here I have one of our fab second shooters behind the Bride & Groom firing the speed light up into the brolly so the light will backlight all the snow plus light the couple! Absolutely fab shot, you can't tell its cold in this shot also so always trust your photographer and just go with it, you might enjoy it plus get some epic shots too!

To see Lorraine & Sam's wedding highlights click HERE

 Just 3 of the cutest and errrr crazy flower girls ever at Emma & Matt's wedding a few weeks ago, this shot is set up to show the beautiful dresses, always difficult getting young kids to do what you want but we love this simple shot of them all holding hands walking away

Wedding Photography is all about lots of elements throughout the day that come together to form a story, in pics, of the wedding day. When you see the beautiful light and especially at 10.50 in the morning whilst everybody was getting ready inside I got the flower girls outside and absolutely love this shot, look at that gorgeous, natural light plus awesome expressions from all 3 of them, just beautiful with a few elements all blending together to make a stunning shot!

Camera info below

To see Zoe & Chris's awesome fun wedding at Rudding Park click HERE

What wedding photographer doesn't love a good sunset? We were filming some guest book type messages at Deana & Daniel's wedding when I spotted the most beautiful sunset overlooking the neighbouring village of Cleckheaton, quickly grabbing and persuading the Bride & Groom (daniel is just to the right of this shot) plus adding some light from one speed light triggered with our Phottix Odin 2's this shot remains a fav and will be for many years

Deana & Daniel were absolute stars and they didn't complain once when asked if we could have some time with them, we think they and all their friends defo had a fab day (though some parts of the day were slightly wet as it rained on and off all day)

Kat & John's wedding in Hartlepool last year at the start of December, we set off to stay over the night before and also the night of the wedding as it was a fair old trip. Kat & John had seen us as they were guests at some of their friends wedding where they saw me in action (prob on the dance floor) and just absolutely loved our fun style of wedding photography, they messaged us to ask if we would shoot their wedding in Hartlepool to which we said of course as we were available their wedding day.

As John was in the navy (cue village people music) he had arranged a visit to the Trincomalee that is stationed in the harbour and for us to get VIP access on board to get some shots, the shot below is one of our favs from the day, the light you can see coming from the right hand side was created with just one simple speed light held by their young daughter (always good to get a helping hand), absolutely love the serenity and dusky feel to this shot 

To see Kat & John's wedding highlights click HERE

Another shot from Bridget & Colin's wedding at Oulton Hall this year, absolutely love the gorgeous blue sky with the elevated position on the golf course just outside the main grounds by the hotel, this shot shows all the gorgeous dress detail plus we have a small key light behind the bride to give a kinda backlight appeal

One of our signature images, we normally do this shot as the Bride & Groom are coming back down the aisle and we think this just shows the expression how they are both feeling in that moment, such energy and love plus lots of smiley faces with a more natural smile rather than posed and forced.

Elisa & Claudio had just come out of Wood Hall and I mentioned to them what I wanted them to do plus created the energy you can see clearly in this shot by just shouting rather loud 'hands in the air wooooop' always a winner and love this shot, a clear favourite for many years to come!

Same Bride as the image above, this time later in the eve to get a mysterious fell to it, for this shot I had Elisa stand on the steps outside Wood Hall and lift both sides of her gorgeous dress up, always making sure we keep a slight curve in the arms, with one of our second photographers hiding behind her with one speed light and triggered by me from camera with our Phottix Odin 2's we can achieve very dramatic and creative shots like this! Another fav from Elisa & Claudio's absolutely fantastic (perfect weather) wedding at Wood Hall in Wetherby this July

Who doesn't love a confetti shot? We certainly do so defo had to include one in this set, Emily & Josh's wedding at Waterton Park this May was another fun filled day I can't tell you! These guys were such a laugh I actually thought after this wedding I had reached my pinnacle and things didn't get much better (especially when we got some epic off camera shots down on the jetty at Waterton Park)
From the min I arrived to late in the eve these guys did not complain once about us taken pics, they wanted to do as much as possible and I really think their highlights shows how much fun we had on the day

To see Emily & Josh's wedding highlights click HERE

Above is a recent voucher for one of our fun lifestyle shoots we provided last Saturday in conjunction with Macmillan Charity, we attended and fully supported one of our fav bands Storm at Rhubarb in Huddersfield (just opposite the hudds uni), fab night and everybody was also (well most folk) dressed up and there was a prize for the best fancy dress (sadly we didn't win) but it was nice to be called onto the stage and Aden (the singer) plus all the organisers couldn't thanks us enough for donating! 

To see a recent Lifestyle shoot with Jo & Sunny click HERE

If you really wanna see some pics I have added some below

Do I look scary? Note the punk 'Sid Vicious' Vive le Rock T shirt?

Fab night supporting Macmillan Charity

To conclude (as much as we love blogging we have to bring this post to an end) all the images above we absolutely LOVE but there are so many more we could have included but we have to draw the line somewhere I suppose?

Anyway thanks for taking the time to view this blog post and wish us well for the upcoming English Wedding Awards?

Until next time, peace!

K x

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