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Monday 30 March 2009

Wedding at Oulton Hall - Leeds

Oulton Hall - Leeds

What a gorgeous location for your Wedding.

This was one of the group shots from Donna & Matthieu's Wedding.

The couple both work at Eurodisney.

Donna has just mailed a list of her Favourite images to work into her storybook album - even though she found it hard to choose as her exact words were

"We may have finally chosen our Wedding photos, this is the most difficult thing we've had to do as a married couple! Hundreds of beautiful photos"

Keep checking back...will post the album as soon as !

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Download or view the link for
Image-I-Nation Photography's guide to

" Choosing your Wedding Photographer "

Sunday 22 March 2009

Tammy & Dom

Been a busy day for Mr Image-I-Nation Photography ;-)...Had 2 Potential clients to visit this morn after a hectic night last night at the theatre..." Forbidden Planet" Lawrence Batley.

Anyway first stop to Emma and Dans then on to Adel and Shaun...Adel booked on the spot...great friendly couple....will look forward to the big day !

Anyway...back home to pick the family up then out for Mothers day.

Went up to Nont Sarahs .

Rather windy i must say on them hills...the service and food though is goooorgeous...

Love this shot of Tammy & Dom...Managed to persuade them to let me take this if i pushed her on the swings :-)

Sunday 15 March 2009

Charley & Andrew

One of my Favourite from todays Pre Wedding shoot

Outside Healds Hall

One sat outside Healds Hall

Charley & Andrew

Another image from earlier today.

Smile :-)

Another of Charley & Andrew

Charley & Andrew Pre wedding

Met Charley & Andrew today at healds hall in liversedge for their Pre Wedding shoot...the marriage is to take place in April 2009.

The weather was lovely today...the lighting was spot on.

They are a lovely,warm, friendly couple....i had a few ideas that i run by them.

this was one of them that you see in the will look loads better when charley has her dress on.
Anyway as i explained to the couple at " Image-I-Nation Photography" we like to arrange a few creative shots at each different wedding that we haven't done before.
This was one of them and i have an idea for another but you will have to wait and see ! ;-)

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Oulton Hall

Just working on donna & matthieu's storybook wedding album...this was a shot taken last august at the gorgeous oulton hall in rothwell.

Donna & Matthieu both work at Eurodisney...imagine my surprise when the phone went and they said they live in france...i thought i was going over there to shoot the wedding(would have been great)...never day i will; maybe get a oversea's wedding ? :-)

Friday 6 March 2009

Fancy Dress

Thought i would share an image of my youngest
on his "world book day" fancy dress at school.

He looked ace. :-)

will the real jack sparrow please stand up !