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Sunday 31 August 2014

Rogerthorpe Manor Wedding Photography - Yorkshire

Just been trialling a few new slideshow programs this eve as the one we were using just didn't seem to cut it anymore so thought it was time for an upgrade?

Anyway after a few mins playing with a certain one I knew it was ' The ONE ' as much as NEO was in the Matrix films!!!

Here is Kellie & Ryan's blogged images that we have just turned into a slideshow from their awesome wedding at Rogerthorpe Manor in Pontefract West Yorkshire

See what you think?

Just click the display image below to view

Thursday 28 August 2014

Holiday Fun in Faliraki Rhodes

Did you miss us for the last 2 weeks? 

Come on own up? You know you did :-/

Sorry for the lack of blog posts etc whilst away

We have come back from the sunny island of Faliraki in Rhodes staying now for the 4th year in a row at the fabulous Rodos Sun Apts with Nick, Alexia, George and family.

Whilst we were there relaxing and maxxing the creative juices were flowing and amongst keeping up with email enquiries etc ( we have 4 meetings lined up this weekend for weddings ) lots of ideas were being wrote down and we have lots of new ideas for the future etc

After a 12 hour delay last night on the way home from Rhodes ( Thomson decided to use our plane and send it to Florida as one of the new Dreamliners had conked ) we finally got home in the early hours of this morning :-(

Today we have also had a wedding enquiry from our second home in Blackpool ( still a kid at heart ) with a couple getting married at The Hilton in Blackpool ( so would love to get them on the Big One at The Pleasure Beach ) if they decide to secure us ( will keep you blog lovers posted )

Today has been spent getting ready for tomorrows wedding with Joanne & Martin at 
The Crown Hotel in Bawtry Doncaster 

Do you want to see some of holiday photos? Aww go on then you know you do

Just shot with a small compact point and shoot so nothing super special, one day I will take a decent Nikon SLR with me :-)

Kev x

Saturday 9 August 2014

Doncaster Wedding Photographer - The Stables High Melton

Yesterday we had the absolute pleasure to ROCK the wedding of Kelly & Darren at The Stables High Melton Doncaster

Woke up to lovely weather but unfortunately it was rather damp later in the day as you can see from one of the images in the courtyard :-(

Never to be put off at all by wet weather ( where there's a will theres a way so to speak ) later in the eve we headed off back down to campus where we ran around like crazy extras from a slasher movie getting some awesome Bride & Groom shots that TBF we wouldn't have got otherwise 
( silver cloud and all that )

Had a totally fab day with everybody as always!!!

Lately we are really seeing an increase in our wedding enquiries especially as just the other day we had 5 in one day!!! Go us!

If you would like to discuss YOUR wedding plans please contact us through our web site

If you contact us through our web site we really do try to respond instantly 
( the wonders of modern technology )

Anyway enough from me? You want to see some fab images from yesterdays wedding right?

Here you go!!!


K x