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Monday 9 August 2010

Gomersal Park Hotel - Gomersal

Just in case we forgot where we were :-)

Only kidding...

Love this shot as they will always remember their special day,and where it was.

Gomersal Park Hotel

Just outside the Hotel...

Thought we would get a shot of Amber & Sam enjoying a stroll up the road

Outside at Gomersal Park Hotel

Making use of what is available...

You just wouldn't guess they are stood on an island in the middle of the car park !?!


Just 2 of the Beautiful Bridesmaids...Think we had a right laugh :-)

Amber & Sam

Gorgeous Bride & Groom !

What a great couple Amber & Sam were....

Giving us plenty of time to capture those all important images that they will look back on in years to come with a smile on their face ! :-)

Amber & Sam on Facebook

Amber & Sam on Facebook

Sunday 8 August 2010

Bride & Groom

Sexy Time with Amber & Sam....Love this time of the day !

Amber & Sam - Gomersal Park Hotel

True Love....

A Wicked couple to work with....:-)

Gomersal Park Hotel

Inside at Gomersal Park Hotel....Just as Amber & Sam say their vows.

Here comes the Bride

Amber makes her way down the Aisle towards Sam where he is stood nervously waiting for her :-)

Nervous ?

Sam is either trying to calm his Nerves or he is checking out the Ceiling Decor ? :-)

Smiley Faces

Amber looking well Smiley

Bouquet Heaven

All the Super Gawwwwgeous Bridesmaids and their Bouquets

Tough Guys

Fun with the Guys

Sorry...Just couldn't resist having some fun with the Guys !

Gorgeous Bride

Amber looking Rather Hot !

She was so smiley and really looking forward to the day !

Amber & Sam were a great couple that allowed plenty of time for their Photo's
...and also gave me plenty of  " sexy " Bride & groom time...:-)


Rocking with the Girls

Hey that's me...Rocking with the Girls as they get ready for Amber's Big Day !

Amber sorts out her Bridesmaid

Amber sorting out her bridesmaid whilst getting a picture taken from one of the other bridesmaids.

Amber sorts the Dress

Amber Just Sorting out the Dress

Saturday 7 August 2010