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Sunday 31 May 2009

Image of the Week

Love this one....Got to have it for image of the week...Quite a few contenders this week....can only choose one though :-(

Recruit Rayner on his 1st day in the field!!!

Just for fun....put Stephens gear on today...made him get a shot of me !

Think lisa wanted to see this so who am i to deny her ????? :-/

Lisa & Stephen Pre Wedding - Healds Hall

Lisa & Stephen Pre Wedding - Church Lane,Knowler Hill

Just love this location for shots....this is one of the places we visited with a previous wedding from Charley & Andrew !

Lisa & Stephen Pre Wedding - Healds Hall

Love this one !!!!!!

The lengths we go to at Image-I-Nation to get the shot !

Think it works here though - Had to lie on the floor for this one ! :-/

Lisa & Stephen Pre Wedding - Healds Hall

Few More :-)

Lisa & Stephen Pre Wedding - Healds Hall

Just going through the images from today - Love this one

Lisa & Stephen Pre Wedding

Just met up with Lisa and Stephen this morning at Healds Hall....think Stephen was a little bit nervous ! I quickly reasured him that there was nothing to be nervous about and that its all about having a great time with plenty of FUN !

Looking forward to the Wedding Day...Praying that we get the weather like it has been today !

Will post some more images asap !

Friday 29 May 2009


Found ourselves in manchester the other weekend visiting some really good friends...couldn't resist showing this of my eldest son.

One day i think he will join Image-I-Nation Photography :-)

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Blackpool View

A view from sunny Blackpool last the early evening...shot was taken with a panasonic compact tz5 so not quite up to the quality of the nikon slr

Marsden Canal - Huddersfield

Another shot from early this morning at the side of Marsden Canal

Marsden Canal - Huddersfield

Been out on the bike this morn...picked a rubbish day for it though...rained from start to finish. :-(

Anyway one of the shots i got along the way....found loads of spots along the way that could be used for potential portaits.

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Jodie & Ben Pre Wedding Place

Always on the lookout for gorgeous locations...this is a spot just down from the church where jodie and ben are to get married this year.

I defo think we will do some pre wedding shots here :-)