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Monday 29 April 2013

Michelle & Austen

Yesterday saw us at a new venue for 2013...Whitley Hall in Sheffield

What an absolutely great place...From the moment I arrived I was made to feel very welcome from the staff ( this is not always the case :-( )

Got some great shots and the weather just held off for us to get them awesome sky shots that we love so much

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Anyway we will get some images asap keep checking back to our super awesome fab BLOG

Saturday 27 April 2013

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Lighting Examples

Here we can see a few different shots from yesterday

All these are UN Photoshopped

Image 1 shows really bad shadow under the eyes so not good
Image 2 shows a good example of how moving your lighting can produce a lot better image with minimal shadows
Image 3 shows an example of Amy at work but the shot looks messy and there is shadow behind
Image 4 looks better zoomed in but still shows signs of bad lighting
Image 5 demonstrates again that just by adjusting 1 light you can get a lot better result

Lighting is a photographers best tool if he or she knows what they are doing

It's all trial and error so don't be afraid to play about :-)

Here we can see Image num 5 just slightly photoshopped to give Amy an awesome flawless skin...Not that she needed much work :-)

Also some colour adjustments etc

Beauty Shoot

A few more images from yesterday with Amy for her new Web Site

Friday 26 April 2013


Thanks for the recommendation Amy :-)

Beauty Shoot

Just back from a shoot with Amy for some fab images for her web site

This is Amy modelling for us with her mum demonstrating with the botox

Amy is an Aesthetics Nurse that specialises in botox

Wednesday 24 April 2013


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Emma & Mark

Nearly got Emma & Mark's album all sorted out ready for them to preview and see if they want to move anything about etc

This wedding reception was not too far from home for us

In Mirfield at The House of the Resurrection

Inside it looked awesome,plenty of space and some great features in and around the grounds

Here's a couple of images chosen for the album

The Mansion House Rounday

A few more images from what was to be a fab wedding actually on my birthday last Saturday with Jenni & Luke

Thanks again to Jenni for the cookie buns and birthday card ( how thoughtful )

Met some super awesome folk and got some great feedback from the guests

Here are just a few more images for your viewing pleasure

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Bethany & Daniel's DVD Cover

We give full size,high resolution images with all our packages

On our DVD's you will find all the preview images plus all the images that we photoshopped for our BLOG etc

We also if we have had a Pre Wedding Shoot/Meeting with the couple put all the images from the shoot on as well

Here we can see Bethany & Daniel's Disc Cover

Sunday 21 April 2013

Jenni & Luke Wedding

Saturday saw us shooting Jenni & Luke's awesome wedding at St Marys Church Selby Road then on to The Mansion House in Rounday Park ( on my birthday too )

Thanks to Jenni the bride for the cupcakes and the birthday vard

Had a great day and met some crazy fun people

Here are a few shots from Saturday

I have promised the B&G that we wont blog any more until they get back from Honeymoon

Katie & Jason Pre Wedding

Crazy busy weekend

Wedding,Pre Shoot,Meetings,Deliveries etc

Here's a few images from earlier with an awesome fun couple Katie & Jason who's wedding we will be rocking in a few weeks

Can't wait

At our favourite place Wentbridge House

Sunday 14 April 2013

Pure Weddings

Check us out in this months copy of Pure Weddings magazine with Kelly & Paul at Wentbridge House last year

We have had quite a few features now in what is one of our favourite wedding magazines

Loxley Colour

Just back from Loxley our favourite album company

Our brand new 70 page Perfetto with Parent Albums

We absolutely love Loxley and the attention to detail they provide

Also the customer service is awesome

Check out some images of the new album