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Saturday 31 December 2016

Wentbridge House Wedding Photography - Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Our very last wedding of 2016 saw us back at the fab Wentbridge House on Christmas Eve for Gemma & Paul's fun wedding celebrations.

I hooked up with Paul & his Dad in the morning at their home (grotto) to capture some shots of him trying not to look nervous (the most chilled out guy ever) before he headed off to Wentbridge House to see all the family & friends arrive ready for Gemma & Paul's Christmas Eve wedding.

After getting a few shots of the guys I tripped over to Wentbridge to hook up with the girls getting ready and it was also nice to see Nicky from Bling Bridal & Beauty again getting all the girls hair sorted. After everybody had been beautified and I just arranged a few formal & fun shots inside the bridal suite at Wentbridge (always love the clean walls here for shots taking the odd picture off the wall as I go & trying to remember to put them back up) we headed off down the staircase to the Leatham Suite where the ceremony was to be taking place. All the friends and family had seated themselves and everybody looked gorgeous and I really got a good vibe that this was going be be a fab day plus really finish 2016 off with a bang (so to speak).

After the ceremony it was my idea to get everybody straight outside to go through as many formal shots plus have as much fun as possible in the time allowed or until everybody had enough (can you ever have enough fun). I really must say a MASSIVE shout to Paul's best man for assisting with everybody as whilst I am shooting I really don't want to be going back inside grabbing people for pictures so thanks mate for the help! It really does help when you get assistance like this.

I always like to hook up with our couples prior to the wedding to go through shots plus get some ideas of timings down so on the day we kinda have a structure plus we defo do lots of fun & freestyle! Our clients book us for the fun wedding photography and we really do enjoy every single minute of every wedding day right till the end when we drive away knowing we totally rocked the wedding in our own unique style.

Throughout the reception meal I noticed the absolutely awesome sunset/sky and really was nervous to ask Gemma & Paul if they would like to head outside for 15 mins to get some creative lighting shots ( as folk were still eating at this time you can understand the nervousness), when I asked them they both agreed it was something they would love and when I assured them the results would outweigh anything they would miss they willingly said  ' yeah let's do it ', really can't thank you enough guys for being absolute super stars and for not moaning once (apart from Gemma with the odd cold remark but I defo could handle that).
If you put your trust in your wedding photographer you really can achieve awesome results so thanks again to Gemma & Paul for booking us and really enjoying the wedding day!

Below we have the wedding highlights from Gemma & Paul's Christmas Eve wedding at the magical Wentbridge House

Enjoy and a Happy New Year to ALL our blog readers and past & present couples we love you!

All the full size images used in the blog highlights can be viewed in full HERE, from this link you have to option to view, purchase prints and even download high res files