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Monday 19 December 2016

Wedding Photographer Leeds - West Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday 17th December we had the pleasure to be part of Beverley & Howard's fun wedding celebrations at Pudsey Church and as a Leeds Wedding Photographer it was nice to have a new venue for the reception at the Holiday Inn Tong Village just on the outskirts of Leeds West Yorkshire

I started off at Beverley's home in Pudsey Leeds (wow love the house guys) to capture some getting ready shots and just general fun & laughter with all the girls, it was really great to see Nicky from Bling Bridal & Beauty getting all the girls looking even more super gorgeous too.

After an hour or so shooting with the girls I bobbed up to the Holiday Inn at Tong Village for 10 mins or so to get some shots of the super chilled out Howard plus some of the guys (and Howard's 2 best men, I think they made a great double act). For the time of year too the weather was defo on side though some may say a bit chilly but at least we didn't get any rain or wind. After 10 mins or so I drove back to Beverley's to just see the girls getting sorted with their dresses etc plus how many handbags did Kenny have?

The church was only a few minutes drive away so I followed the bridesmaids and got parked up to see Beverley arriving literally minutes after. The vicar was defo a breath of fresh air too after this year we have had quite a few vicars who have felt the need to be obstructive and not helpful at all, especially on a couples wedding day (why can't they all be smiley and happy and just let us capture the day as it unfolds), he was really a nice guy and his assistant even told us we could use the balcony (and that's before I even asked) #topvicar 

The service was great and inside the church was nice and bright so helped to get good shots. After the service, and even the vicar let me capture the actual signing of the register so thanks again to him, I captured some formal style shots at the front of the church then I made my way outside to get the confetti shot plus as much fun as time allowed ( until people got too cold)

The reception was held at The Holiday Inn at Tong Village (the first time we have shot a wedding here too) so everybody made their way back and headed for the bar 😭
Canopies and drinks were served and I had an eye on the time as I wanted to get a few group shots etc so managed to get everybody outside (sorry but it has to be done) and shot away plus a few shots of the Bride & Groom before the cold took over and after the Bride mentioned I looked like Rudolph with a red nose haha we headed off back inside and I captured some shots of the reception room set up plus all the wedding details

Beverley & Howard had even set a place for me and I had the full 3 course meal that everybody was having (thanks so much for that guys the food was lovely) this really meant I could get to know the folk on my table much better plus I really think it made people relax more as it seemed I was part of the wedding day more so

Lots of fun & defo laughter all through the eve and I stayed till late capturing dance floor shots etc plus seen as though the buffet was out it would be rude not to get involved right? The buffet food was deeeelicious so always a bonus after a 13 hour day getting some nice warm food plus white chocolate and raspberry cake! Oh yeah!!

Below we have our wedding highlights from Beverley & Howard's wedding day for all our blog lovers, plus if you would like to view all the images used in this post full size, plus download or purchase prints please check HERE 

To enquire about our wedding photography please just get in touch via the web site contact page HERE


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