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Saturday 5 August 2023

Oulton Hall Wedding Photographer I Emma & Matty

Last year I was back at the gorgeous Oulton Hall for Emma & Matty's wedding day, the weather was lovely all day which is defo an added bonus!

Everything was at Oulton Hall too which I always feel is better as its easier to not move people from place to place (though I do love a church wedding)

Emma & Matty were definitely FUN loving and up for a laugh (my kind of couples) so a huge thanks to them for this and I always think it shows in the pics plus you really do have awesome memories rather than everything being too staged and formal like some other wedding photographers might do.

I defo have my own unique style which is basically shooting a story of the wedding day in a more natural & fun vibe!

Below are just some randomly selected images from the previews, also I do apologise to anyone that regularly checks out this blog and ill try to update more in future (more coming soon)

Anyhoo thanks for looking

Kev x

Friday 4 August 2023

Wentbridge House Wedding Photographer I Laura & Dean

Yesterday I spent the day at Wentbridge House shooting the wedding with Laura & Dean (awesome fun couple)

After the rain we have had lately I was defo worried it might be a bit damp but OMG the weather and day could not have been better!!

The whole day was at Wentbridge House and the ceremony was inside the Leatham Suite (loved the new updates and decorations), and the eve was inside the main Chrystal Suite

The wedding was a more intimate feel with around 20 ish guests in the day (love intimate weddings) and around 80 in the eve

I did managed to get a dance off in the eve and I always know they go down really well and get fab shots

Below are some randomly selected shots from the 1700 previews which are now online (next day how good is that)


Saturday 29 July 2023

Jess & Ash Pre Shoot I Oakwell Hall

I met up with the fun loving Jess & Ash earlier today at Oakwell Hall after spending a little time at their place just up the road to go through any ideas and info for their upcoming wedding day

I just knew these 2 would be stacks of fun and they really made my job mega easy, the weather was spot on too and we just spent some time walking around Oakwell Hall chatting and stopping for pics! 

Below are just a handful of images from earlier



Friday 28 July 2023

Jo & Paul Pre Wedding Shoot I Huddersfield

I met up with Jo & Paul yesterday to get some natural & fun pics of them and also to catch up before their upcoming wedding next month (it was lovely to meet the parents too)

I also like to get some info down like any ideas the couple have and some family and friends shots but always like the wedding to unfold in a more natural & fun way and these guys are fab and defo looking forward to the BIG day (even the missus got an invite) 😍

Look at Charlie the cute white doggie getting in on the action too, he loved me and wanted plenty of cuddles which I was defo happy to give!!!

Below are just a few from last nights fun



Sunday 9 July 2023

Wentbridge House Pre Wedding Shoot

This morning I met up with the smiley and defo FUN Laura & Dean at Wentbridge House to get some natural (ish) and fun shots of them around the gardens before we sat down and went through any info for their upcoming wedding celebrations!

The light today was just perfect with full cloud coverage so absolutely no harsh sunlight anywhere, please can it be like that on the wedding day!!!

Below are just some randomly selected shots from over 150 now online



Sunday 25 June 2023

Walton View Wedding Photographer

What an absolutely Fab, Fun wedding day yesterday with Rachael & Andrew at Walton View, the weather was super hot and we got a blue sky above too so brucie bonus!

From the start of the day I just knew these guys would be awesome, the banter was off the scale and I absolutely loved it!
The venue and all the staff was just FAB and they worked so hard but always had smile and were super friendly!
Below are just a handful of images from yesterdays wedding fun!

K x

Monday 1 May 2023

Cliffe House Huddersfield Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago I had the absolute honour to be the very first photographer ever to shoot a wedding at Cliffe House with Joanna & Alex (yes this was the very first wedding ever there after they have spent lots of time and money making the place look fantastic)

A HUGE shout to all the super friendly staff too for making me feel so welcome and also the lovely food provided!

The weather was just gorgeous with lovely light and no harsh sunlight at all, the trees around the grounds really helped with this (this day was actually my wedding anniversary too)

The day was super fun and just fab, all the guests were up for a laugh and as I shoot a wedding in a more natural and fun style this was just perfect

Below are just a handful of highlights from their previews that are now online


Kev x


Monday 20 March 2023

Cliffe House Huddersfield Pre Wedding Shoot

Yesterday I met up with Joanne & Alex for a pre wedding shoot and to go through info for their upcoming wedding day at the lovely Cliffe House

I love the fact they have a play area in the grounds that will make for some fab shots with the bridal party!!! 😂

I just spent some time (don't need long maybe 20 mins) yesterday in the grounds getting some relaxed and fun shots of this lovely family (it was a while ago they booked so always nice for a catch up)

After some time we sat down and got some info down about times and group pics etc

Below are just a handful from yesterdays fun


K x