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Monday 27 March 2017

Leeds Wedding Photographer I Weetwood Hall Wedding Photography

Our very first wedding ever at Weetwood Hall in Leeds West Yorkshire last Saturday for Jacqueline & Paul's special day, the weather was looking absolutely spot on and knew we were in for a fab day! ☀

I arrived at what has to be one of the best 'getting ready' rooms EVER, lots of space to move around and lots of natural light coming in through the various windows and patio doors, and yes the windows were open and the jacket didn't even go on at any part of the day it was that nice weather!

It really is nice to capture all the build up with all the girls getting ready, plus this gives us a better chance to get to know each other more. All Jacqueline's girlies were defo on our wavelength and lots of fun to be around 👰😃

After a couple of hours or so capturing various angles, getting ready shots plus all the details I headed off to the church which was just opposite Leeds University (Jacqueline & Paul both went to Leeds University so we planned some shots later on the steps). When I arrived at the church I was lucky to find somewhere to park so all good and awaited Jacqueline & her Dad who were travelling in one of the nicest wedding cars I have ever seen, really looked great but after speaking to the driver not the easiest car to drive.

It was such a nice day that people were just outside the church chatting and waiting until they were ushered into the church which gave me some time to capture some nice smiley reaction shots (just had to watch that sun & shadows). I also made point of speaking to the priest to see if there was anything he didn't want me to do (some vicars/priests are more cooperative than others) and he was really chilled and just mentioned the odd few points but happy for me to do what I needed, he also mentioned to me at the end of the service that I had really made it so informal and the bit at the end where I got everybody up to the front of the church to get a group shot was a great idea (i'm full of them)

After the service Jacqueline & Paul had arranged coffee & cake in one of the rooms downstairs in the church (ooh somebody mention cake?) as this is where they met initially, this also did give people chance to relax and get to know each other plus I could get some nice congrats shots as everybody came in and shook hands with lots of kisses & hugs.

After 30 mins or so I got everybody outside to get that all important confetti shot (love confetti shots) before I jumped in the car with them and just tripped over to Leeds University where we got stacks of claps and shouts and congrats from all the shoppers & uni people (how lovely). After 10 mins or so Jacqueline & Paul headed off to Weetwood Hall sipping champagne along the way in the beautiful sunny weather!

Soon as I arrived and always conscious of the time I started to arranged some more of the formal group shots they had requested, awesome space and grounds and loved the vibe as everybody was outside, lovely & warm and lots of fun to be had, sipping cold beers at Weetwood Hall (bonus)

After various formal shots and a few Bride & Groom shots it was time to get everybody seated for the reception meal, speeches were after the meal. Lots of fun & as mentioned super gorgeous weather.

In the evening the dance floor was defo buzzing and I managed to get some great dance floor shots using some really creative flash techniques and a massive shout to all the Weetwood Hall staff as they really did turn the room round in record time, the DJ was awesome too and he really did get involved and had some really fab tunes that set the dancing mood even better, just before I left I was invited to sample the BBQ (be rude not to) and OMG the food was amazing! Massive thanks again and hope to be back at Weetwood Hall soon

Below we have a selection of wedding highlights from Jacqueline & Paul's fab day at Weetwood Hall in Leeds West Yorkshire


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