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Saturday 18 March 2017

Wentbridge House Wedding Showcase April 2017

Come and see us at the upcoming Wentbridge House Wedding Showcase on Sunday 2nd April between 12 - 5pm, we will have lots of awesome products on display and will be available to chat all things wedding related (along with anything else you fancy talking about)

If you would like to view some various wedding pictures that we really do love with our awesome fun loving couples from over the years of shooting weddings at Wentbridge (some even happened outside in the sunshine) then just check below

We really do love interacting and chatting with all the smiley faces that come for a look around and discussing wedding plans, we really do meet some fab characters too!

Below we have a selection of images from our adventures at Wentbridge House

To discuss plans for your wedding day why not get in touch with us HERE, we really are quite a friendly bunch! :-)

We are now have limited dates for 2017 & 2018 so just get in touch for availability HERE

Kev x


Laura & Ryan Chilling Out at Wentbridge House

Autumn at Wentbridge House

Rebecca with a super long veil

Rachael & Ricky in beautiful evening light at Wentbridge House

Having fun with the guys

Taking a stroll

Look at all that dress detail!

Fun with Christine & Craig at Wentbridge House

Evening shot at Wentbridge House 

Wow check out them clouds at Wentbridge House, we really do love an awesome sky shot!

Upstairs in the new build at Wentbridge House for some time out with Kelly & Paul

Love a good ariel shot, this is made much easier now by using the flip out screen on the Nikon D750

Awesome outdoor area for having your wedding celebrations outside!

Theres another ariel shot through the wedding ceremony

Gorgeous blue sky all natural light

Christmas Eve at Wentbridge House

Always love shots using the folly though they have a bigger one now that you can see in some of the pics

Just a simple uncluttered background makes for a great shot of the bouquet

Defo love a field of yellow ness and a fab Bride & Groom

Girls just want to have FUN at Wentbridge House

Getting creative with the awesome Phottix Odin 2's that we have introduced to create more dramatic shots, simple to do by just underexposing the background then adding your flash to the subject, shot in manual mode

Just a simple clean wall inside the room getting ready makes for a great backdrop, I might have just taken the odd picture off the wall

Love love love that floaty looking cloud coverage! Defo the best type of sky

Here we have one of our 2nd photographers behind the Bride to create the backlight that was triggered from the camera using the Phottix Odin 2's

When you see a sky like that you just have to ask the Bride & Groom to follow you outside while you set up 1 flash on a stand and get super creative, easy to achieve in manual mode with 1 speedlight

Autumn at Wentbridge House

Really do love trying to get shots as they actually happen like the exchanging of the wedding rings, sometimes depends of various vicars and how strict they are though

Backlight using 1 speedlight

Just an awesome Bride & Groom full stop! Everything you see in this picture was there, its all natural light with various photoshop skills applied

Big up the Balby massive 

Nicola & Stuart off for a stroll 


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