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Album Schedule

Here is some info regarding Album Production...We take great care in the design of our Gorgeous Acrylic Fronted Storybook Albums...

Re-opening each selected Raw File to produce the magic & look we are known for, various actions, plug ins, dodge & burn, cropping, shadows, highlights, colour balance etc etc (a lot happens behind the scenes)

Every single Album is Bespoke...All the pages are designed individually in Photoshop...No two Albums are EVER the same !!! We don't use template software unlike other photographers that rely on them as they are not as familiar with photoshop (we love photoshop)

The sooner you let us know your images you want us to use in your album the quicker we can add you to the schedule

All we need are the FILE NUMBERS so we can add them to a folder and start the album production

Please be Patient :-)

To view our album previews folder click HERE

In Design - 

Album Schedule in Order