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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Monday 19 April 2010

Emma & Paul Taking Time Out

Emma & Paul caught having a cheeky kiss...soooo funny....all the traffic that was going past were honking their horns..

Suppose you don't often see a Bride & Groom snogging in Bradford Centre on a regular basis on Saturday Eve ?

Total Smiles all Round.

Just love capturing the TRUE emotion of the Wedding Day !

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Filling in the Signing Board

I Promise you...These Signing Boards look absolutely Gorgeous when they are back in the frame...Well worth the extra cost.

They are irreplaceable...Which is why they are getting rather popular.

Please let us know if you are interested in one for your special day.

Time to Relax

Love getting the Bride to totally relax their body and just let the Husband take control...:-)

The Happy Couple

Emma & Paul...Looking well happy !

Church Doors

Great location for some Bride & Groom time.

Monday 12 April 2010

Kiss Me Pt 2

From quickly changing the camera from the Landscape position to Portrait i was able to capture this image.

It is very similar to the last blog post but also has a very different feel to it.....

Kiss Me

Just love to Capture the Bride & Groom as they are about to Kiss for the first time as Husband & Wife.

Even got a round of applause from the choir if you look close enough :-)

Exchanging Rings

Emma slips the Ring on Paul's finger.

Smiles all Round

Smiles from Everybody ;-)

The Bridesmaids

Paula,Samantha & Kathryn

Mr & Mrs Shaw

Look at the Concentration on Emma & Paul's faces.

The Look of Love

Emma gazes adoring at her Husband to be Mr Shaw :-)


Bradfor Cathedral - Inside

Just waiting for the Gorgeous Emma to enter the Church...Paul stood patiently waiting...Just managed to get a shot as i entered the church to then get my spot at the front and wait for Emma to come down the Ailse...The lighting inside the Church was Amazing !!!

Bradford Cathedral

The Church where Emma & Paul tied the Knot :-)

The Rings

Shot of The Rings taken just outside the Church.

Sunday 11 April 2010

Surprised to see Me ?

Sooooo glad it was only 3 floors...Emma was shocked to see me waiting to capture her.

This is it Girls.....Here we go !

Emma about to enter the lift to go downstairs where the car was waiting...Little did she know i had a trick up my sleeve...As Emma entered the lift and the doors closed i quickly made my way down the (YES) 3 floors...pressing the lift on floor one to give me some extra time...As the doors opened on the ground floor and Emma saw me...Imagine the surprise when she saw me waiting to capture her  :-)

Emma & Dad

Emma chilling with her Dad before we go and meet Mr Shaw.

Emma & Flowers

Emma the beautiful Bride admiring her Bouquet.

Emma checks out the Flowers

Love the window light that was coming in here...Had to get Emma sat down to capture a shot !


One of the great things about Emma was she didn't leave it while the last minute to get into her Dress...Which gave us some time to do some shots.

Gorgeous Bride

A shot of Emma looking rather sultry

Emma securing the Earrings

Love the Moody look of this Image...Wanted to keep the shadows on Emma's face...She really looks deep in thought here.

Billy & Eleanor

Come on Billy...How high can YOU jump ?

Lola - Marc Jacobs

The Perfume

A simple shot but just all adds to the details of the day when it comes to designing the Storybook Album.


Another Cutie...This time it's the turn of Eleanor...One of the little Bridesmaids.

Just check out her Gorgeous Blue Eyes.


A Shot of Billy the Page boy with his Dad in the background.

Dress Details

Look at the Detailing on Emma's Dress :-)

The Shoes

Emma's Shoes...Very bespoke you know...Emma designed the Extra bits that are added on to the shoes...Very Imaginative...Just what we like !

Paul gets rather Excited

Paul couldn't contain his excitement...Being married to the Gorgeous Emma...Emma thought this was hilarious...Just look at her expression.

Emma & Paul - Bradford

Really Rocking it in the centre of Bradford yesterday with Emma & Paul....Just a taster of loads more to come !!!

Thursday 8 April 2010

Wednesday 7 April 2010