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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Wood Hall Wedding Photography - Rachael & Chris

Wow what can I say about Rachael & Chris's wedding at Wood Hall last Friday? #epic #fun 

The weather really wasn't looking great tbf but never to be put off with naff damp and rather wet weather I met up with the guys early morning at Chris's house to see them all getting a hair cut and Tom chilling out in bed after (apparently) a rough night? Yeah right!

Rachael's cool fun loving parents were also literally minutes away from their house so after 20 mins or so and getting to listen to Tom's funny story I set off for some girly getting ready vibes & Rachael's dad dishing out butties.

After some time with the girls I set off to Adel church in Leeds, wow what a place, never been here before either but lovely and bonus the vicar was so friendly and no probs with me getting anything! What a legend! Also love the doorway outside, never seen anything as nice as that!

I captured guests arriving (in the rain) and a smiley looking bride making her way down the path with dad before I made my way inside to a spot just behind the friendly vicar.

After the ceremony I shots as many family & group shots as poss outside the church before the heavens really did open! Good job the cameras are weather sealed 😌 

Everybody made their way to Wood Hall in Wetherby and when I arrived ahead of the Bride & Groom I was greeted by the friendly staff waiting outside (under cover) with umbrellas at the ready for Rachael & Chris

Absolutely AWESOME day and lots of fun & laughter with everybody, defo our type of wedding!

Below we have some highlights randomly chosen from over 2000 previews, minimal photoshop work, no weird awkward poses, no unnatural photoshop foreground blurs, no flashes firing all day long, just a bloody good day with stacks of fun & lots of natural wedding photos!

Every single image is a memory of your special wedding day and unlike other Yorkshire Wedding Photographers that might give you only 500 images we give you everything! Apart from the odd few 😜

Flowers  Mrs Bouquets Batley

Venue Wood Hall Wetherby

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Thats how we roll at Image-i-Nation Photography

Cool dad

Tom the legend tell us that story again?

Bit wet?

Kev we wanna be gangsters

Spot the cute one

Laughing at absolutely nothing is kinda funny

Awesome friendly vicar

Chris decides to leave the stickers on his shoes for fun effect

Eh up love were married

Cant beat a good freestyle

Fun & Expression! Best wedding pics #notboring

Yes its raining but we dont care!

Crazy girls

Chris decides its legs day #squats

Ha so grasshopper

Sexy bride with Creative Lighting


Chris where did you get all that hair?

Holding Wood Hall up

Just resting my eyes honest

Gorgeous dress

Happy Bride

Fun loving bridesmaids

Fab times

High Five

Dont ask :-/

I whip my hair back and forth

Dance OFF

Rachael decides to give the dance floor a clean!


  1. Amazing photos! What a day ��❤

  2. Amazing photos! What a day ��❤


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