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Monday 28 December 2009

Infra Red Version's

Infra Red Version's of the 2 previous Images

Emley Moor

Another HDR Image...This time of Emley Moor !

Castle Hill

Went out earlier today with a view to get some images that i could have a play with in photoshop to turn them into a hdr image.

Hdr means High Dynamic Range

Anyway i thought this looked pretty good...taken up emley looking over to Castle Hill

Thursday 24 December 2009

Snow Images

Thought i would share a Snow picture with all you Blog lovers !

Sorry for the image quality...this was originally taken on a Blackberry !

By me ;-)

Monday 7 December 2009


A Shot overlooking the hills in Howarth from our visit on Sunday

Scene from Howarth

Usually end up in Howarth around December most years...This year i took the camera along for the ride...Just love some of the images you can capture in this place....This is the path that leads up to the Bronte Graveyard and museum

Mrs Image-I-Nation Photography

For all you Blog lovers out there...Here's a shot of Mrs Image-I-Nation ! ;-)

Christmas lights in Mirfield

This is how we do it in Mirfield...This is a house up the road from us...What Christmas spirit they have...They have been doing this for years now ! :-)

Sunday 6 December 2009

Tuesday 1 December 2009


Congratulations to all the recent bookings for 2010.

Teri & Joe,Tilly & Anthony,Lisa & Paul,Tim & Paula,Lindsay & Craig,Helen & Brian,Sarah & James,Emma & Paul,Claire & Chris, Etc

We have nearly filled our quota for 2010....So if you are interested in booking

Image-I-Nation Photography
for your special day....sooner rather than later ! ;-)

Nichola & John

Another one from Nichola & John