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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Hymn Time

View from the back of the Church...I had my orders from the Vicar :-(

Spose you have to respect their wishes !

Would have liked to get some shots from the front though.

Peek a Boo

Love this little guy...He kept looking round to see what i was doing.... :-)

A Budding assistant ?!?!?!

Smile down the Ailse

Helen and her Dad make their way down to the front of the Church where Brian was stood waiting for the Lovely Helen !

Here We Go !

Just look at Helen's Face...She is soooo Excited !

Caught this image just as we went inside the church to start the Ceremony.


All the Bridesmaids watch and wait for the car to arrive with Helen & her Dad !


Helen stops to pose for a shot before she sets off in the car to the lovely little church in Scholes Village.

Sunday 27 June 2010

Sophie & Rob on Facebook

Here is the link to Sophie & Rob's Pre Wedding Images on Facebook !

Sophie & Rob

Put me Down

This was Rob's idea...Can tell we are going to have a wicked time on Friday at their Wedding....He is such a Great Guy...Up for a Laugh ! Just what we like :-)

Sophie & Rob Pre Wedding

Loads more images coming soon ! Keep watching the BLOG !

Saturday 26 June 2010

Cheeky Smile

Getting ready at Helens...Just love Elenor's Cheeky Smile !

Scholes Church

The lovely little church in the Village of Scholes where Helen & Brian tied the Knot

Helen & Brian

Just got back from rocking with Helen & Brian today...This was one of the group shots we managed to get.

The day was gorgeous...really warm and just perfect for a Wedding !

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Emma & Sean on Facebook

Emma & Sean on the Facebook Fan Site

Click the link below

Emma & Sean 190610

Love on the Bridge

Sean & Emma stop for some loving on the bridge !

Ring Shot Part 2

Here's another take on the Ring Shot

The Rings

Another one of our Favourite Shots...Done this before but looks sooooo good we just had to do it again !

Waterton Park - Walton Hall

Think I might email a few of these images to Waterton Park as I love them that much...See if they will use them on there Web Site. :-)

 Emma's Comment on the New Design Business Card " OH MY GOD we're touched it's fan-bloody-tasic! "

Monday 21 June 2010

Time Out

Emma & Sean taking some time out here...Just sat chilling,whilst in the moment and a few sneaky kisses here and there !

Here Come The Girls !!!

What a Laugh !!!

How Cute ?

What a Cutie...You should have seen her little dress....:-)


Here are the Stats for the Website & the Blog for today !

Emma & Sean

Here's an Emma & Sean Image-I-Nation Special !

Emma & Sean Just Enjoying the Moment !

Just Married....Caught up in the Love they have for each other...Emma & Sean are just the perfect couple...So friendly and warm and most definitely up for a LAUGH !

New Business Card

Just designed a Brand New Business Card...Sent the order off for 1500...will see how they look.

We will still be using the Sarah & Mark Card that we have had for a few years now.

I suppose the more different designs you have the better..." Variety is the spice of life " so they say ! :-)

Emma & Sean's Finished Signing Board

Here's the Signing Board all back in it's frame ready for Emma & Sean when they get back from chilling out on their Honeymoon !


Emma looking rather Radiant...Just after the ceremony at Waterton Park...We headed off outside to have some fun :-)...

Caught this image whilst waiting for Sean to gather up the Lads !