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Sunday 30 October 2016

Creative - Fun & Upbeat Wedding Photography in West Yorkshire

Yesterday we were at a couple of brand new wedding venues in the West Yorkshire regions with a gorgeous Church in Bradford plus a reception at Cedar Court in Bradford ( we are back here also in November for a massive Asian Wedding with Karen & James, looking forward to that )

We started off with all the girls getting ready at Cedar Court and they had adjoining rooms which was great as there was quite a lot of room to move around. Yesterday I also got introduced to my first taste of Blue WKD from Nicola's mum as I think she was the biggest fan!

The weather was defo on point yesterday and it really looked like a lovely Autumn day ahead and no rain, always a bonus when the wet stuff doesn't appear!

After an hour or so we made our way up the road ( about 10 mins away ) to get some shots of the lads getting ready and to see Simon looking super nervous. Lots of banter with guys and we stayed about 15 mins and got some great shots in the bag so they could relax when we left and headed off back to Cedar Court to finish off with all the girls etc

We set off to the church just after getting some shots of Nicola in her beautiful dress and when all the girls were ready. The church was absolutely beautiful and really looked autumny ( is that a word ) outside with all the leaves around the grounds, the lady vicar was an absolute legend too and she didn't say anything about me getting what I needed to get, even letting us shoot the actual signing! ( why can't all vicars be like this )

After the ceremony everybody made their way outside to a beautiful autumn wedding day and after asking numerous times did anybody have any confetti not one person had any so the dry leaves on the ground defo looked and option! ( worked really well too, sometimes you have to think outside the box )

Lots of fun & laughter all day yesterday plus we met some really great people, I really do think they enjoyed the wedding day with minimal fuss on us for pics, we never turn the wedding into a photoshoot, always letting you really enjoy your wedding day experience!

Below we have about 250 images from yesterday fun wedding from over 1500, enjoy the pics guys!


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