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Friday 14 October 2016

Web Site Designer Yorkshire

As we started developing web sites recently we thought it was about time we showcased them in our awesome blog ( well we think it's awesome hope you do too )

We have now done a few web sites and if you click on the screen shots below it will take you to the relevant sites, we create using the WIX platform and everything is adjustable with the sky being the limit for your design, you can even have your very own online booking system as show below in the Nail Salon shots below

If you have a business and you would like to discuss options for your very own web site you can check our page HERE with info about costs etc, all sites come with 12 months hosting, your very own URL ( the browser bit ) plus full support and 12 months updates & SEO

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Below we have Chris Brook's web site which has been online for just over a week now and we have seen it appear on google on page 3 for DECORATOR IN HUDDERSFIELD so how cool is that, we decided as Chris was based in Huddersfield this would be a good search term for him to start with, as the weeks and months go by we will be working on this plus adding new images and any pages and text that Chris would like to add, we are aiming for page 1 on google!

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The Ka Collection web site we developed is now number 2 on the first page of google for USED FORD KA'S IN WEST YORKSHIRE so we are absolutely thrilled with this position and Mandy does inform us she can't keep up with demand now haha, lots of great reviews on her site too

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Below we have some screen shots from a site that shows you can include your very own online booking system, great for beauty salons & nail bars like the one shown

We have lots of templates ready for most businesses and every single web template can be tweaked to your very own design, all web sites are fully mobile compatible and come with 12 months hosting plus support and updates with SEO, just contact us HERE for a chat about your ideas

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