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Tuesday 28 July 2009


Hoping Aiden can stay upright on Friday...Its his turn to be Groom ! :-)

Sunday 19 July 2009

Vivien & Mark - Selective Colour

Kiss Me

Station Road - Mirfield

In the middle of the road saturday night !

Ring Shot

Canal Side

Viv takes a stroll down the Canal !

What I Love About You

Rowley Lane School Leavers - Pro Gallery

All the Images from Rowley Lane School are now in the Pro Gallery


Vivien & Mark

Went back to meet viv and mark for the evening celebrations....just had to get them back outside for some more shots.

Had a walk on the canal side prior to this shot....not quite sure what they were looking at here though ? :-/

Saturday 18 July 2009

Vivien & Mark - Romantic Pose

Just love this shot from earlier of Viv & Mark

Viv's DM's

Shot of VIV'S Doc's

Group Shot

Outside for the group shot....The weather was kind to us !

Down the Aisle

Viv & Mark coming down the aisle...stop for a quick kiss !

Vivien & Mark

Check out the Doc Martens on Viv...thats the second bride this year that have had DM'S on....think there must be a new trend.

Very colourful though...and comfortable(viv says)

Vivien & Mark

Here's a shot from a few hours ago....just nipped home from Vivien & Marks Wedding.

They got married at a church in upper hopton, it was only up the road for me.

I am due back tonight for the evening celebrations.

We include a Full Day Photography at Image-I-Nation...but some people choose to have select hours which is perfectly fine.

Thursday 16 July 2009


Best Mates !

Dancing Girl

Here's another of the girls from last night !

Sandy from Grease


Got to be the Village People dance

One of the Girls

On the dancefloor...a lovely natural portrait !

Time for some FUN !

Inside the assembly hall things get going....the kids were rocking !

The Boss

Shot of the Headmistress !

The Boss


Thank you very much - :-)

Army Guy

Here's a shot of one of the younger brothers from last night.

His older brother was in the party for the school leavers....he wasn't going to miss out on a chance to dress up !


One of the guys from Rowley Lane School !

Rowley Lane School Leavers

What a set of posers ! To be fair i did ask them all to get into character ! :-)

Rowley Lane School Leavers

Here's a shot from last nights events in Lepton.

Will get more up ASAP...also check the Pro Gallery for all the images soon !


Saturday 11 July 2009

Rachy & Will

Just look at the weather ! What a gorgeous day !

Took Rachy and Will to a spot just down the road from the church before we headed off to the place for the Reception Meal.

In the Car

A Moment to enjoy the Champagne !

Rachy & Will...Outside the Church

Racheal and Will outside the Church

I think this works well with the Selective Colour

Will with his Best Man

Fun Fun Fun

Just look at the expressions !

At Image-I-Nation we are happy to provide you with a Fun Filled Day...No more boring Photography !!!

Rachy & Will were a bit apprehensive at first but they soon saw the light.

We do capture the Full Day at Image-I-Nation Photography.

This means we are constantly aware of what is going on around us....We let you ENJOY your day rather than dreading the Photography part !

Just take a look at our Web Site in the Guest Book to see comments that past brides have made ! ;-)

Image-I-Nation Guestbook

Group Shot

Group shot outside the church....Love the place Bishopthorpe in York....Might have to move there one day ?!

The Kiss

The Kiss

View from the Back

Here's a shot from a low view point at the back of the church

Captured on Film

Here one of Rachy's close friends captures all the action on her camcorder !

Rachy before she enters the Church

Here's Rachy just before she enters the church...she stops to let the vicar smell her bouquet :-)

Proud Dad

Rachy's Proud Dad...Outside the church in Bishopthorpe,York