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Monday 26 September 2016

Wentbridge House Wedding Photographer - October 2016 Wedding Showcase

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Friday 23 September 2016

Huddersfield Wedding Photographer - Durker Roods Wedding Photography

Yesterday we had the absolute pleasure of shooting Jenna & Jay's wedding at Durker Roods in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, the weather was absolutely spot on and the sky OMG the sky was epic! Blue sky all around and such a perfect temperature, you couldn't have wished for a better day weather wise tbf!

Jenna has worked alongside Image-i-Nation team as she came on board a few years ago after getting in touch with us to ask if we needed any assistants ( at the time we were just saying how much we would have liked somebody to help so great timing by her ). 

We have become friends with Jenna & Jay over the years and shared the odd eve over a chinese and me trying to beat Jay at Buzz on the PS2 ( did I win I can't remember ) so after we heard of their engagement and they asked if we would shoot their wedding we were honoured and defo knew we would have some awesome fun as Jenna has been to quite a few weddings to assist so we know what she is like #funloving 

Jenna has also now established herself as a photographer in her own right, she shoots weddings plus new borns etc 

I started at Jenna's house capturing shots of everybody getting ready and getting super beautified by Abid's awesome make up skills, check his facebook page HERE and give him a like, such a nice guy too! Hair was done by Jodie from Grays Salon in Leeds

After Jenna and all the girls were sorted, dresses on and ready to totally rock out we got some shots in the courtyard outside Jenna's house before they all set off to Durker Roods.

I arrived at Durker Roods to capture some shots of everybody getting ushered into the room where the ceremony was taking place, Jay was looking a tad nervous ( come on admit it Jay ). Jenna arrived in the most cleanest wedding car we have ever seen, a shiny black ' top of the range ' Range Rover ( it had all the toys, the guys were even polishing it whilst they waited at the house, that's dedication )

Really beautiful light streaming in through the large bay windows at Durker Roods throughout the service as well, natural light always looks better!

After the service Jenna & Jay had a few hours before the reception ( how awesome was that, never seem to get enough time ) as we had lots of time to capture stacks of stuff we also set off in the shiny black Range Rover up the road to a secret spot with awesome views to capture some nice relaxed Bride & Groom time using some creative flash techniques we have recently introduced to our weddings

The day went really well and it was especially nice getting to know all Jenna & Jay's friends and family too, some real characters :-) #jonluc

It was also nice that Mrs Image-i-Nation and both our sons were coming along in the eve so after some dance floor shots, the cameras were away and we let the hair down ( so to speak )

I really must also say a massive shout out to ALL the really friendly & fun staff at Durker Roods, really helpful in every way, thanks guys x

Below we have a few ( 313 ) Images from yesterdays wedding fun at Durker Roods, kinda like a wedding highlights if you like

All the wedding images we have used in this blog post can be viewed HERE full size, you can also download images plus order various size prints if you wish


K x

Fav few shots using the awesome Phottix Odin 2's on some creative flash stuff

Rosalie watches her mummy getting ready

Come on Jenny & Rosalie share the joke?

Abid in action

Cuddles from Dad

Look at these 2 stunners! Jenna & Mum

Jenna has a sip of her dads hip flask to calm the nerves, he wasn't amused haha

Jay wasn't nervous honest!

And breath Jenna

Mr & Mrs Furness

Rosalie gives Mummy & Daddy a round of applause 

Woop whoop were married!

Cuddles n Kisses



Cool looking guy shots

Spot JON LUC? Or is it Jack & Rose from Titanic?

What's that a sexy Bride with a camera?

Being a kid is hard work!

Gorgeous couple shots!

That SKY!!!!

Always the joker Jay

Jay what was funny here?

Jenna your Dad's on fire :-/

Tesco 4 pack of bitter

Awesome skies over Durker Roods

Using the awesome Lowel iD light, thanks to Becky who helped with this!

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