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Sunday 4 September 2016

Lifestyle Photography at Oakwell Hall

After quite a few weddings recently this morning it was nice to hook up with a family that we meet every year for a catch up and to get some nice relaxed shots whilst we have fun.

Today we agreed to meet at Oakwell Hall and it really is nice to see Matthew ( the crazy one ) & Daniel as they grow up ( we remember a shoot where Matthew was a few months old ), today though he decided he was going to be a scary dinosaur ( he had the name ninkonsaurus or something like that )

As the weather was bearing up with minimal wet stuff we had a little walk around the grounds and just captured some nice relaxed shots of everybody ( so much prefer this to the more structured studio type shoot especially with small children as they become bored pretty quick so we love letting them run around and be theirselves )

Below are a few images from a quick look through from earlier

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