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Thursday 30 January 2014

Wedding Photography - Special Offer

Just under 2 days to take advantage of our super FAB January 2014 offer


This offer will expire at midnight Friday 31st January 2014

We have had a few couples take advantage of this offer

Vicki & Rob - 19th July 2014
Kellie & Ryan - 20th July 2014
Gemma & Andy - 5th September 2014
Rebecca & Adrian - 6th April 2014

Tracey & Chris - 27th Dec 2014

Text - 07980 225 492

Phone - 07980 225 492

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Waterton Park - Amanda & David

Well another Loxley Storybook Album nearly ready for preview with Amanda & David at Waterton Park in Wakefield West Yorkshire

Here is a shot late at night on the dance floor with Amanda & David as they take the floor for their first dance

Waterton Park have some awesome lights downstairs in the main building for the evenings events

They ' In House ' DJ is also pretty FAB as he got everybody ROCKING the dance floor! 

Us included as always of course!

Monday 27 January 2014

Creative Wedding Photography in Yorkshire

Just a few words that describe what we do at

Imagination Photography

2014 dates are now getting limited, please get in touch for availability

Getting married in 2015?

Why not book us to shoot your Wedding?

You have the chance to WIN your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY for FREE


Photobooth in Yorkshire

Want to have even more FUN at YOUR Wedding?

PHOTOBOOTH MANIA is what you need!!!

We are in the process of making our backdrop even W   I   D   E   R   

We have stacks of crazy props ( Jonny can't help himself )

If you are looking for a PHOTOBOOTH in and around the YORKSHIRE area? 

Check out our dedicated WEB PAGE all about our PHOTOBOOTH

We also now have a dedicated Facebook Page

Give us a LIKE ;-)

Refer Us

Know somebody that may like what we do here at Image-i-Nation Photography?

We brand ourselves as Fun Wedding Photographers based in Yorkshire

Check out the FACEBOOK Page and interact with us?

Want to earn yourself £50 for shouting about us?

Just click on the image below, this will take you to our REFER US Web Page

Fill in the relevant boxes and we will do the rest

If anybody books us to shoot their WEDDING we will email you for payment info and send you £50!

It's that simple!

Friday 24 January 2014


Thanks so much to Emma & Adrian today for the review on our web site GUEST BOOK

We are hooking up tomorrow to deliver their Loxley Album and 4 parent books

You can check out our REVIEWS folder on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Wedding Bookings

Well the last few days has defo been crazy with enquiries & a few wedding bookings

A massive big up to Vicki & Rob, Kellie & Ryan who have secured us for their weddings and given us a double weekender on 19th & 20th July 2014

Vicki & Rob were referred to us by Lloyd on our REFER US section of the WEB SITE

If you would like to refer anybody to us then please feel free, any couples that book us from your referral you are entitled to £50 pre booking ( how cool is that )

Here is Vicki's facebook post after she secured us, love the bit about they looked at other photographers but we stood out a mile!!!!

We defo have our own unique style now and shoot crazy fun weddings

Looking forward to hooking up with Kellie & Ryan on Sunday for a chat about their special day

P.s Vicki & Rob have one of the cutest dogs ever, little Oscar!!!

Sunday 19 January 2014


After a very busy day with album deliveries, signing board deliveries, preview book and dvd deliveries it is so nice to get emails like this

Thanks to Michelle & Austen for the kind words

Saturday 18 January 2014

Alison Jane Bridal in Mirfield

Well just nipped back from a meeting with Alison Jane Bridal in Mirfield before we head off to a wedding meeting and thought I would share some images from the new Bridal Shop in Mirfield

Had a chat with Alison about a referral program we can offer to all Alison Jane Bridal clients,the wife got a free glass of bubbly :-/ and we met all the Alison Jane Bridal team :-)

Whilst we were there it had to be done to grab a few shots of the newly refurbished interior that is now Alison Jane Bridal ( used to be the old Hanson Opticians shop ) right in the centre of Mirfield

Here are just a few images showing the interior of the shop, you can also see the well cosy Bridal Dress trying on room, very posh!

Vicky & Paul's Signing Board

A massive shout out to our super awesome framing shop in Mirfield ' Lenscape '

I sent Gavin a text late Thursday eve when I realised that we were meeeting up with Vicky & Paul on Sunday to deliver their Loxley Preview book & DVD

I asked if he could get the Signing Board ready for Sunday, as it was such short notice 
( Vicky had only just decided on image and frame choice a few days prior )

Well imagine my surprise when he sent me a text Friday afternoon to say it was all ready!!!

That's one happy photographer and one happy Bride & Groom

We are looking forward to hooking up with Vicky & Paul on Sunday, we also have one of our Loxley Albums to deliver to Michelle & Austen and a wedding meeting too ( busy day )

Lately on our Facebook page and Web Site we are seeing a lot of enquiries and dates for 2014 are limited

We have a competition running on our Web Site if you book us to shoot your Wedding in 2015 you will be entered into our draw to win our ' Standard ' package totally FREE

Check the Web Site link HERE for Free Wedding Photography

We are based in a small village of Mirfield, West Yorkshire but we will travel ( T&C apply )

Alison Jane Bridal

Our official invite to attend the new Bridal Shop in Mirfield Centre ' Alison Jane Bridal '

Tomorrow at some point we will be nipping down to check out the new shop, have a chat with Alison about future promotions and possibly get a few shots of the new interior with all the fab dresses.

Will have a blog post up at some point next week

Here's our invite

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Vicky & Paul's DVD Previews Cover

We provide a DVD of all the selected ' High Resolution ' images from the Wedding Day always in any of our Wedding Packages

Here is Vicky & Paul's cover from their crazy fun wedding at Hodsock Priory

Sunday 12 January 2014

Web Site Stats

As you can see lately we have defo been rather busy on the Web Site & BLOG!!! :-)

Massive big up to all the couples that have booked us to ' Rock ' their wedding in 2014

Claire & Stephen Pre Wedding Shoot

Here's a few more from earlier today with Claire & Stephen at Hazelwood Castle for their Pre Wedding Meeting/Shoot

Check out our FACEBOOK Page and give us a LIKE, you know you want to!

Fun Wedding Photographer - Pre Wedding Shoot

Just a 4 shot image showing how much fun we have on a Pre Weddiong Shoot/Meeting

Claire & Stephen are just perfect for us, slightly crazy and FUN loving!

We have developed our own unique style over the last few years and people now seek us out for a ' Fun Wedding Photographer '

Shot from earlier at Hazelwood Castle

Hazelwood Castle Pre Wedding

Over to Hazelwood Castle today to meet up with Claire & Stephen for their Pre Wedding shoot/meeting

What a gorgeous day light wise photographically speaking!!! A bit chilly but we soon got warmed up and in the ' Zone '

Here are just a few images of Hazelwood Castle

Shooting images in F11 and beyond though reminds us to keep our sensors clean, good job we can now do it in house with our sensor cleaning kit!!!

Had to remove a few dust spots from these images :-/

Keep checking back onto our Blog daily as we are constantly updating it!