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Sunday 31 May 2015

Doncaster Wedding Photographer - Mount Pleasant Doncaster

Friday saw us back at Mount Pleasant in Doncaster for Marie & Mathew wedding celebrations.

We woke up to quite a rubbish day weather wise with lots of the wet stuff ( rain in case you didn't know ) but as we totally love fun weddings this didn't hold us back and were looking forward to some wedding craziness.

I arrived early morning at Mount Pleasant and a quick dash inside ( didn't want to get the Nikon's wet ) to find all the girls getting ready in what has to be one of the biggest double rooms I have ever seen!

It was also nice to catch up with Nikki ( aw your so fine you blow my mind #tonibasil ) who wedding with Bert we shot last year at Mosborough Hall

Throughout the day the weather did improve so it was defo nice to get everybody round the back in the fab gardens to do some more traditional type group photos plus some of what we have become known for, fun & craziness and lots of banter, massive shout out to ' Big Dave '

A big shout our also to the staff at Mount Pleasant as its always nice to feel welcomed.

Lots of images to go through but here are just a few from Friday's fun wedding

Kev x

Me & Big Dave