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Tuesday 19 May 2015

What is our ' Style ' of Wedding Photography?

A question we get asked quite a bit is what is our style of Wedding Photography?

Well all you dear BLOG lovers let us tell you ( put the kettle on and listen up )

We promote our fun style throughout all our social media channels from FACEBOOK to TWITTER etc

We really do like to think we can give you such a great experience on your wedding day by having lots of laughs, fun and general good times. 

We capture ALL DAY as standard as we really do not understand when wedding photographers may say they will shoot for a certain amount of time then charge a set amount per hour after that? It's YOUR WEDDING DAY and why would you want to stress over how long your photographer is going to be there, also why would you want to worry that every hour after your photographer says he will shoot for incur an extra cost then worry about what that will be?

When we say a FULL DAY that's exactly what we mean! Included in ALL our packages at no extra charge!

Here are some images from the very last PRE WEDDING shoot we had just a few days ago with Gemma & Lee at Ye Olde Bell Retford ( p.s they said we can leave some cards as they love our wedding photography, thanks guys ) :-)

Romantic, Dreamy, Gorgeous Light

Crazy Groom and Quirky Pose, Offbeat Wedding Photography

Normal Smiley Gorgeous Bride & Groom to be! 
Beautiful Light, Nice clean uncluttered backdrop

Interaction, Smiley, Natural, Fun, Clean uncluttered backdrop

Quirky, FUN, Creative, Making the most of the surroundings

Absolutely Mental, Laugh a minute, Crazy times, Memorable Pre Shoot, Enjoy the Experience

Here are also some of our fav wedding images from the last few weddings that we think define what we do best at 

Rocking late into the night on the dance floor with our camera getting jiggy with it! #handsintheair 

' Normal ' smiley fun bridal party shot

Capturing all the wedding details as they happen

Freestylin at its best

Err not sure what is happening here but what an awesome wedding, lots of banter and laughs!!!

Quirky wedding photography

Gorgeous Off Camera Flash Lighting

Camera techniques to get the most out of your surroundings, check out that sky, yes it really was there we didn't add it into the shot ( yes we can do this though if we need to )

So to sum up what is our style?


Just a few words that we think sum us up, best of both worlds really?

We will NOT turn your wedding into a photoshoot where we take you away for hours and you miss out on all thats going on with your guests ( small 20 minute sessions is all we need )
We will interact with ALL your wedding guests
We will enjoy every single minute of YOUR wedding day as much as you
We will give you much more CHOICE as we actually struggle to get the previews down and you usually end up with 1000 or more
We can offer FULL DAY Videography now with all our wedding packages
We want you to have the best EXPERIENCE ever on your wedding day
We will NIBBLE the buffet ( if we are allowed ) #pleasesayyes

I really could go on and on etc but I am sure you get the point by now?

Above is a teeny tiny selection from so many fab images so we chose the very last Pre Shoot and the First Wedding of 2015

NOT one of any images you see on our website, blog etc is from a training day in a controlled environment, they are ALL real people that chose us to totally rock their wedding ( thanks guys )

2016 is already looking great with over 20 weddings booked in, if YOU are looking for all the above then please get in touch with us by email, phone, text, letter, carrier pigeon, smoke signals or any other way you can think of?


Phone -     07980 225 492
Text -         07980 225 492

Thanks so much for reading this post and please we would love to hear from you, please comment in the box below with any views, ideas or general wedding loveliness!

K x


  1. Amy L. McPhearson20 May 2015 at 07:19

    Love this post Kev!! Can't wait for you to share our day with us and the pre-shoot!!! I've already recommended you to my engaged friends!! X

  2. Thanks so much hun, really looking forward to it too!!! x


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