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Saturday 9 May 2015

West Yorkshire Wedding Photography - Rachael & Aiden

Wow what an absolutely awesome crazy fun time yesterday at Rachael & Aiden's wedding down at Home Farm Tong Village West Yorkshire

When I arrived at the farm for the start of the day I was in sky heaven as you can see from some of the first images in the blog post, sadly though that didn't last the whole day boo hoo as the rain wouldn't stop!

Was met by the most fun loving set of girls though and had an absolute fab time from start to finish, it's always nice to feel like people feel relaxed around you and this does help us get even better shots, we are far from the traditional wedding photographer that you may come to see at various other weddings, we promote our fun style and always have such a fab time until late into the night where we can be seen getting down on the dance floor with everybody :-)

Yesterday there was defo lots of emotion around as Rachael & Aiden said there very own vows to each other I could hardly keep my eyes dry ( good job I was behind the camera though so nobody saw )

As we set off in a shiny new tractor with all the girls in the trailer at the back the weather was how can I put it? A bit damp!!! The rest of the day it just peed it down all day so we could not ask anybody to get outside for some crazy fun wedding stuff but that did NOT stop us as you can see

We will arrange to meet up with Rachael & Aiden where they can get dressed up again and we can shoot some Bride & Groom pictures down at the farm in a more relaxed atmosphere plus nicer weather

In the eve they had arrange an 80's style rave to which OMG I did NOT want to leave!!!
Kicked off with the classic Firestarter form The Prodigy, everybody had whistles and glowsticks

One word for yesterdays wedding - AWESOME with a capital A

Here are just a few images from yesterday madness

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