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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Huddersfield Wedding Photographer - The Old Golf House

Met up with another crazy couple tonight, Jenna & James at The Old Golf House in Huddersfield

As we have shot a few weddings previously at The Old Golf House we are known by some of the staff now and we know quite a few fab spots around for great shots ( always a bonus )

Here are a few from earlier with Jenna & James

Check out our WEB PAGE all about The Old Golf House click HERE


Have you ever wondered how fab photoshop is?

Well here you can see an image from the other day at Wentbridge House that was shot straight out of the camera and then below you can see the photoshop version

Would you like to learn more about photoshop? 

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We welcome your images and are here to help you learn!

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Ye Old Bell - Nottinghamshire

Met up with Claire & James today at Ye Old Bell for a Pre Wedding/ Engagement shoot

A new place for us this year too, would you believe we actually had an enquiry today for the same place next year but a day before Claire & James wedding!!!

Here are just a few images from earlier today at Ye Old Bell

Monday 28 April 2014

Wentbridge House

Today we spent some time at our fav place in Yorkshire

Wentbridge House

They asked us to bob over to get some new room, food shots etc for their web site and brochures etc

We are so glad we did, whilst we were there we saw an opportunity for a brand new Wentbridge House promo shot of the place

Check this out, see what you think?

As a regular visitor to Wentbridge House we always look forward to hooking up with all the fab staff.

Thanks for the afternoon tea also guys!!!

Did you know that Wentbridge House do Weddings outside? They have a brand new folly structure in the garden area which always looks great especially when decorated

Sunday 27 April 2014

Wentbridge House Wedding Showcase - May 2014

Join us at Wentbridge House on Monday 5th May 2014

Along with a select other few wedding exhibitors we will be there to chat with all the couples that have booked Wentbridge House for their Wedding Day

We have a dedicated web page all about our Weddings we have shot over the past few years at Wentbridge House

We have become one of the recommended photographers now and feel honoured that Wentbridge House love what we do enough to recommend us to all their fab customers

They really do place emphasis on attention to detail in everything they do

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Click on the large image below to view our dedicated web page all about Wentbridge House

Doncaster Wedding Photographer - Diane & Michael

Here's a set of images from Friday's FUN wedding at Cusworth Hall & The Pastures Doncaster