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Thursday 29 July 2010

Wentbridge House Grounds - Pontefract

The Stunning Grounds at Wentbridge House in Pontefract

Wentbridge House - Pontefract

I found myself at the Gorgeous Wentbridge House early this morning.

Meeting with a couple(Carol & Phil) who booked me for their Wedding in November this Year.

Also met up with the Director who wanted some new images for a fresh new brochure they are putting together...How could I Resist ?

These are a few that I have processed so far.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Photoshop CS5

Just been experimenting with the New Photoshop CS5 Program...Lots of new features to learn.

Here is an image I produced after a few tweaks

Sunday 25 July 2010

Jo,Tim & Matthew 250710

Full Set

The Boss

One of the few shots where we managed to get eye contact.

You try it with a 10 week old....:-/

Hard work Posing

Matthew decides to call it a day.

It's hard work posing for the camera when you are 10 week old !

Bubble Competition

Matthew practices for the Blowing Bubbles Competition :-)

One of the Favourites

This has got to be one of the Favourites from earlier with Jo,Tim & Matt

Smiley Faces

Mum & Dad smiling for the camera while Matthew decides to check out the view of the Park.

Trying to get eye contact with a 10 week old was rather difficult :-(

Crow Nest Park - Dewsbury

Matthew looks up to check out the leaf on Daddy's Head !

Jo,Tim & Matthew

Just back from meeting up with a lovely family...

We headed on out to Crow Nest Park in Dewsbury for the Shoot

The star of the show - Matthew - was 10 week old...yes i know what they say...Never work with Animals & Kids !

Anyway we had a laugh and that's what it is all about...Don't think Matthew was fussed though to be honest !

First image of a few...Maybe we will meet up again when he is a bit older ?

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Lovely Lindsey

Lindsey looking rather Relaxed !

The Guys

Top Set of Lads !!!

Some turned out to be Number one Fans :-)

Lindsey & Craig

Not sure about Craigs expression here :-/

Think he was going for the Mean Look ?


Lindsey's Mum gets a tear in the eye

Come on Guys....Let's see those Hands in the Air

Kiss down the Aisle

Craig & Lindsey enjoy a moment as they walk out as Mr & Mrs Moss.

First Kiss

The Very First Kiss as Mr & Mrs Moss.

Cheers from the Crowd

Dad has a Moment

Lindsey's Dad cracking up at something ?

Not sure what though...Perhaps he was nervous ?

Smiles all Round

Lindsey looks well happy !

At the Altar

Lindsey takes a sneaky peek at me

Prob wondering why I am holding the camera way above my head :-)

Here Comes the Bride

Craig turns round to check out Lindsey...With a smile on both of their faces :-)

Craig & Wayne Having a Laugh

Just before Lindsey makes her Big Entrance...

Craig & Wayne share a joke with each other...

I'm sure Craig was a little bit nervous though

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Down to the Church

On the way down to the Church...Yes it was a bit damp :-(

Lindsey & Dad

Lindsey & Dad get ready to set off in the Horse & Cart to the Church just down the road in Knottingley.

The weather was NOT kind to them...There was a right downpour for a few minutes while they were in the Cart...As i was following them behind in the car i couldn't help but feel sorry for them....

The day did turn out really nice though Weather wise.

Sunday 18 July 2010

Deep in Thought

Lindsey looks deep in thought here...

I was loving the Gadget Lipstick with the built in light...

How cool is that !?

Make up

Having a Laugh while getting ready...

The atmosphere was very relaxed in Lindsey's House...Think too relaxed...Eh Mum ?

Mum did get ready on time though :-)

The Dress

Lindsey's Gorgeous Dress

The Shoes

Lindsey's Shoes

Future Clients

Met up with Heather & Steve at Kings Croft earlier...

They are friends of Lindsey & Craig and we are to shoot their Wedding next year :-)

Saturday 17 July 2010

Kings Croft - Pontefract

Rocking with Lindsey & Craig today at Kings Croft - Pontefract...

Here's a shot to get you started...

Lots more to come !

Thursday 15 July 2010

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Sarah & Matthew

Another one from deep in the woods....

Pick me Up !

Matthew shows Sarah how much he loves her :-)

In the Woods

Took Sarah & Matt to a secret location to get some gorgeous images.

This time also allows you to get out for some alone time as Husband & Wife...Which I love to capture.

Bride & Groom Time

Now for my Favorite time of the day....

Bride & Groom time...

The more time you can allocate me for this the more images I can provide...:-)

Another few from Saturday

Another few for all you Blog Lovers...

Got some great images on Saturday at Sarah & Matts Wedding...

Hope you enjoy.