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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Engagement Photography at Wentbridge House

Today we had a quick trip down the A1 to Wentbridge House to hook up with Katie & Aaron 
( Katie is our number one blog follower and she promised us a comment in the blog comments box wooop )

After a nice relaxed chat in the Brasserie at Wentbridge House about any plans they have for their wedding, apart from the usual FUN we bring along with us at every single wedding we headed off outside to a kind of misty afternoon ( great light though for engagement shots ), the first stop was up to our ' studio ' wall just up the road from Wentbridge House for some fun engagement shots of Katie & Aaron.

Katie has to be one of the smiliest people I have ever met she couldn't stop!!! Once Aaron got into the zone as well we were totally loving it as we headed off back down for a walk around the fab well maintained grounds of Wentbridge House ( nice to see Brian the gardener as well today, top job mate )

We defo always recommend our Engagement Shoots with every wedding as it gives us chance to hook up, have fun plus get some nice relaxed shots of you guys so on the actual wedding day you don't feel any nerves ( well we can't promise you might have a few ) regarding photos

Here are a few images from today with Katie & Aaron plus a mock up signing board template for them ( one thing I did forget to ask is why Aaron's twitter name is BungleBangle? :-/ )

Big Hugs

K x

How cool does our new Signing Board template look we created in house, totally bespoke to you!!!


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  1. Katie Roberts ♥ ̴11 February 2015 at 21:00

    OMG! Love love love the pictures they're perfect! Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon. The signing board template looks great! I love aarons pouting face. A few years ago Aaron had longer and curlier hair and got the nickname bungle as he looked like bungle the bear from rainbow! Thank you again Kev see u soon x

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words Katie had a totally fab day too x

  3. aaron john webster11 February 2015 at 23:09

    spot on these kev !!!! its not often i smile mate and you got a few out of me haha like Katie says they called me bungle because of bungle the bear from rainbow i am just a big cuddly bear! #creative #fun #upbeat


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