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Thursday 17 May 2018

Wentbridge House Wedding Photography - Natalie & Andrew

Last weekend we were back at one of our fav Wedding Venues in West Yorkshire at Wentbridge House (always feel like home here too as we are really familiar with loads of fab places all around the grounds plus around the village just outside Wentbridge House)

I arrived nice and early with Jordan (he was on video duty) and hooked up with all the girls upstairs getting ready plus one of the cutest flower girls ever! (tbf all the kids at this wedding have to be some of the cutest and best behaved kids ever)

We always try to blend in at the start of the wedding and really do love the build up with all the getting ready fun vibe, all the girls really were super organised too and it was really nice to see Nicky from Bling Bridal getting everybody sorted out with hair and make up (love the airbrush tool)

Danny (one of our photographers) arrived around 11am and after seeing him wandering around the grounds through the upstairs window I popped down to sync our camera clocks (really important as we sort images as date shot so any time differences in clocks really is not good, plus OCD alert I have to get it to the exact second)

The weather was spot on with loads of cloud around to diffuse the sun and it did look decent all day, bonus! 

Natalie & Andrew were celebrating their ceremony outside under the folly in the gorgeous well kept grounds at Wentbridge House so gorgeous weather really was welcome :-)
Outdoor weddings are great too as you have lots of space to move around plus you can use all the available light.

After the ceremony we always like to let guests congratulate the couple before we jump into and planned shots, lots of natural vibes and smiley faces plus canopies & chilled drinks for everybody before we arranged some group shots, formal, family & defo lots of FUN!

We planned some shots of the Bride & Groom after the reception meal & speeches as the time just really does seem to run away.

In the eve we set up our super wide photobooth backdrop and carried on the fun in the Leatham Suite. massive thanks to everybody at Nat & Andy's wedding for being so welcoming and FUN

Below we have some highlights that have been randomly selected from over 2000 wedding previews (we give you more choice)


K x

All images from Nat & Andy's Wedding are also available to view HERE with options for downloads & print purchase

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Pesky Greenfly!

Rain stopped play at this point :-/


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