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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Kim Wilde - Here Come The Aliens Part 2 - Lowry

Kim Wilde's Here Come The Aliens Tour a show so good we went twice is what it was.

After the show in Halifax (click HERE to view) which we blogged a few weeks ago we loved it soooo much that when we had opportunity for some tickets for the last show at Lowry we jumped at the chance.

Plus more pics with the fab Panasonic TZ100 shooting in RAW with its 1 inch sensor, an awesome camera for these type of situations as you are defo NOT allowed to take a DSLR in 👀 the zoom range of this compact pocket camera is amazing plus it has full controls for iso, aperture, shutter etc

We drove down to Lowry in plenty of time and stopped in at Nandos just over the road (first time in Nandos for us) for something to eat before the show, who should walk in and sit opposite us but both drummers from the show (i was too scared to go up to ask for a selfie with them though doh)

We also met a few friends down at Lowry that we had heard had also got tickets around Mandy Wilde's Merchandise store (got a selfie with Mandy though waheeey, see bottom of pics)

Absolutely LOVED the show and the new album Here Come The Aliens every single track is fantastic! Massive shout out to ALL the crew, band and Kim Wilde fan out there

Below we have some shots from the show enjoy

K x

On route down to Lowry

Me & Mandy Wilde


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