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Sunday 27 May 2018

Hoyle Court Wedding Photographer - Nanci & Brian

Yesterday I was back at the hidden gem of a wedding venue at Hoyle Court in Baildon for Nanci & Brians wedding and what a fun & fab day it was! Lots of awesome people and super friendly with loads of banter #perfect

I met up with Nanci & the girls early morning at the hair salon in Saltaire village before we all headed off down the road for make up. After some time with the girls I headed over to Brian and the guys at Brians parents to see them all topping up the hip flasks 😆

A 1968 Merc was the order of the day for transport and at 50 years old it really did sound sweet and took all the guys over to Hoyle Court before heading back to Nanci's where I was after I had spent some time with the guys. All the gorgeous Bridesmaids set off first before the car headed back to collect Nanci & her cool music loving Dad!

I arrived at Hoyle Court with the Bridesmaids to catch some shots of family & friends arriving in the glorious weather outside. Brian even tried to take his mind off being nervous by trying out his hula hoop skills (needs practice)

After the ceremony I encouraged everybody outside in the gorgeous private grounds to the rear of Hoyle Court where canopies were being offered before I proceded to get as many fun & formal shots in the time allowed

The main reception room really did look great with such a big space too for the band to set up later to totally rock the night away. Speeches were after the meal and I always use this time to check through what I had and defo loving the fun & relaxed vibe and knew I had some great images.

After the speeches and reception I got Nanci & Brian to have a little walk around the exterior of Hoyle Court with me to create some fun & dramatic B&G shots before we headed back into the grounds for a few more before I set up the super wide photobooth backdrop inside

Massive thanks to Jonny for bobbing over and setting up the laptop and printer so we could offer 9 by 6 inch prints from the photobooth, everybody loved this idea and a few comments said the backdrop was fab as we really can get awesome crazy photobooth style group shots up to 10 plus people.

Some highlights below from Nanci & Brians fun filled wedding day at Hoyle Court


K x 

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