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Monday 26 December 2016

Wentbridge House Wedding Photographer - Fun Wedding Photographer

Last Thursday saw us at one of our fav wedding venues in West Yorkshire for Claire & Richard's Christmas Wedding at Wentbridge House. As we absolutely love Christmas we were really looking forward to this plus Gemma & Paul's Christmas Wedding on Christmas Eve (highlights coming soon)

I started at Wentbridge House nice & early to capture all the build up getting ready shots and general girly fun, it was also nice to see Nicola from Nouveau Hair & Beauty

The weather was, for the time of year, was really looking good and especially after 'storm barbara' was in the air the day before! I always love capturing the build up getting ready shots as I really do think this makes the Bride and anybody else in the room more relaxed(i hope so) as I try to capture the bridal make up & hair in a more relaxing fun way than setting up hundreds of poses, this way everybody can just enjoy the wedding day tons more!

After some time with Claire & her Bridesmaids etc I went to find Richard looking as cool & calm as ever (so he told me) to get a few shots of him & his best man getting ready downstairs in another of the beautiful rooms at Wentbridge House. Richard is defo a character and I think on our wavelength as always cracking jokes and just being a bit crazy 😜

After some time hanging with the guys I went back up to the bridal suite to get some more shots of the super gorgeous Claire getting beautified by Nicola plus shots of all the girls after they had got their dresses on, absolutely love the nice clean clutter free (after taking the odd pic down) walls in the bridal suite at Wentbridge House.

Claire & Richard had chosen the Leatham Suite to hold their wedding ceremony and it was set out beautiful from Laurie from Bijou & Mel from Passion Flowers (great to see you again guys). Claire made her way downstairs to be greeted by everybody and Richard looking calm though in one of the shots I'm sure he was slightly nervous (come on mate own up)

After the ceremony we let everybody have 10 mins or so in the bar area with drinks and nibbles then it was time to get them all outside to get as many shots as I could. Yes it was a bit chilly but as the weather was looking good it was defo worth getting them all outside for some formal and fun wedding shots. After some congratulations and lots of kisses & cuddles from everybody (to the bride & groom not me) I always like to start with a group shot as this would be every single person in the wedding party (obviously) then on to some formal shots as requested plus try to inject some fun into our photos, I think at this point though I looked and everybody had snook back inside so it just meant trying to prise people out the bar as best I could and massive thanks to Richard's best man for the help with this!

Lots of fun through the wedding day and into the night, I really enjoyed the Michael Buble tribute and he sounded absolutely fab, such nice guy too and he got everybody involved and made the eve time so much more fun

Below we have some wedding highlights from Claire & Richard's Christmas Wedding on Thursday 22nd Dec at Wentbridge House





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