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Thursday 15 December 2016

December 2016

 Well here we are again on a more personnel level, I did say I would try to post more personal stuff on our awesome blog (hope you guys like)

Last Sunday we hooked up with a long time friend at The Sky Lounge in Leeds as we had planned to go up to the German Market in the centre of Leeds for a look around, the weather was mild for this time of year so defo all good in the hood!

A few weeks ago ( after long time debate) I decided to invest in the iPhone SE ( love the design with the square edges of this phone over the iPhone 6 & 7 and went for a 64gb version so I could also use as an iPod whilst away and not worry too much about storage.

Just as we arrived at The Sky Lounge there was the most awesome sunset over the whole of Leeds and as I only had the iPhone (plus the blackberry passport of course for emails etc, not as good for photos though) I thought I would try a capture a nice panoramic, OMG when I checked the image on the iPhone I was absolutely stunned by how awesome it actually looked with a bit of processing with the built in photo tweaks on the iPhone, below is that image!

Just look at how much more of the scene you can get in the shot with panoramic!

Now correct me if I'm wrong but wow that defo looks pretty epic in my book, with a little bit of creativity you can produce stunning images like this (plus we do have a technique for our panoramic shots which involves moving the body rather than your hands to keep the phone more level). 

After a few drinks and yes more photos we tripped off to The Alchemist (via the tunnel in the above image, love all the colourful lights above just had to stop for a shot with iPhone SE) in the Trinity Centre to check it out and wow what a buzz (there's me thinking Sunday nights are quiet) and ordered a bottle of wine which came in dry ice! Now that's an experience right there, it felt like the bucket with the wine in was on fire 🔥

After checking out the view from the balcony at The Alchemist over a glass of fizz we set off up to the German Market (where does the time go) by the time we got there tbf we had 10 mins before it closed, on the upside it wasn't half as busy as last year when we could hardly even move! After 10 mins checking out the stalls etc we bobbed into Weatherspoons for something to eat (who doesn't love a Weatherspoons). What an absolutely FAB finish to a great day!

On Monday I set off early eve to hook up with Carol & Steve at their home in Rossington Doncaster as they had enquired about us shooting their wedding next Oct 2017 at a new venue for us too, great to meet with them and they loved our demo albums etc (plus the day after they emailed to confirm they would love to book us for their wedding photography) 👍

After I had chatted to Carol & Steve and got to know them a little better I set off to meet with Christine & Craig at the beautiful cosy home in Pontefract to hand deliver their gorgeous Loxley Perfetto Storybook album, I really do love showing couples these gorgeous quality storybook albums. Christine & Craig were over the moon and they absolutely love it! Our wedding albums really are designed with love and we don't use any templates we just create our own! Very unique you know 😛 and after a quick catch up it was back home.

Wednesday I had arranged to meet with Diane at Wentbridge House to also deliver her beautiful Loxley Storybook album as Diane now lives right at the top of Scotland we had arranged this day as she came back down to Doncaster (her home town to stay with family), I got to see her cute little 1 year Maisy, they don't get much cuter!!! 

Wentbridge House (loving the panoramic can you tell)

Last week we booked 2 weddings with Hannah & Lee on 12th Feb 2017 at Crab & Lobster plus Carol & Steve on 7th October 2017 at Warmsworth Hall so a massive shout out and thanks to them!

Today we got invited to join a select group for the Best of Wedding Photography (after I wrote to them with our web site) which is by invitation only to selected photographers so we are really chuffed to be invited to this as we defo love shooting weddings!

How awesome is that!

Our availability for 2017 now has become limited, we also have quite a few weddings booked for 2018 plus 2 for 2019 so if you are looking for your wedding photographer, you would like something slightly different from the norm, want to enjoy every minute of your wedding day with minimal fuss in a more natural way then get in touch!


Some of our FAV IMAGES (promise there's loads to choose) for our profile on Best of Wedding Photography are below, enjoy!

P.s if you enjoyed this blog post on a more personnel level please take a min to stick a little comment in the box below ta

K x


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