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Saturday 27 April 2013

Lighting Examples

Here we can see a few different shots from yesterday

All these are UN Photoshopped

Image 1 shows really bad shadow under the eyes so not good
Image 2 shows a good example of how moving your lighting can produce a lot better image with minimal shadows
Image 3 shows an example of Amy at work but the shot looks messy and there is shadow behind
Image 4 looks better zoomed in but still shows signs of bad lighting
Image 5 demonstrates again that just by adjusting 1 light you can get a lot better result

Lighting is a photographers best tool if he or she knows what they are doing

It's all trial and error so don't be afraid to play about :-)

Here we can see Image num 5 just slightly photoshopped to give Amy an awesome flawless skin...Not that she needed much work :-)

Also some colour adjustments etc


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