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Friday 1 August 2014

Our Monthly Newsletter - August 2014

Would all you BLOG lovers like to see our monthly newsletter for August 2014?

Yes we here you all shout!

Well for your very own eyes here you go :-)

Have some ideas you would like to share with us? Maybe you have a wedding related business? Would you like a feature on our BLOG?

All you need to do is contact us through our web site, click HERE to contact us

We are here to help all you wedding related businesses small or large we don't mind we love it so much

Every single wedding we have the pleasure to be a part of is different in its own way but the one thing all our couples have in common is FUN!

We are known for our very own style of Wedding Photography in and around our home town of Mirfield WEST YORKSHIRE

Creative - FUN - Upbeat - Vibrant Wedding Photography

We really would love for you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter

Just click HERE to subscribe

It's totally FREE and once a month ( hopefully ) our newsletter will drop into your email inbox with some updated news about Imagination Photography.

Kev x


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