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Friday 20 October 2017

Durker Roods Engagement Photography - Lesley & Andrew

This eve I met up with Lesley & Andrew who booked us to shoot their wedding on Bonfire night at the fab Durker Roods in Meltham Huddersfield for a Pre shoot/meeting for us to get some shots plus go through any info and group photos etc

The grounds at Durker Roods really are great for pics and theres so many places to choose from your spoilt for choice, plus we had the fab autumn vibe going on with all the colours and leaves on the floor. Lesley & Andrew had brought the kids along too so the more the merrier as you say

I actually went to the same school as Lesley growing up (how cool is that) and I really am not sure if she remembers me from school days or just blocks it out 😂
Also Mrs Image-i-Nation actually was in the same class at school as Andrew the groom, how weird is that? Never had this before and prob never will again, it was like an old school reunion whilst we were chatting!

For the slideshow we have also chosen a bit of an eighties classic with kinda a spooky theme as these guys told us about what they are walking down the aisle to 😀 also it reminds me of being at the school disco back in the day, not sure if Lesley came to that but am sure if she did she defo tried to block me out!!! 😂

Below we have a few highlights from earlier with Lesley & Andrew


K x

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