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Friday 13 October 2017

Mirfield Wedding Photography - Debbie & Andy Engagement

Yesterday evening I met up with Debbie & Andy at a park in Ossett to capture some pre wedding images and to get to know them a little better before the big day in December as it has nearly been over 1 year since they initially booked us for their wedding day photography (where does time go)

Debbie & Andy literally shot home from work, got changed and bundled Marley (the cute one) into the car and met me at the park, the light really was fading fast though. Marley was sporting his bow tie and OMG how cute did he look, full of energy as he ran around the park chasing somebodys shoe they had left behind (why would anybody leave one shoe behind in the park, maybe they hopped back home) 😂😂😂

Literally didn't have long at all prob around 15 mins or so before I set up a light stand to get a few creative flash images under exposing the background by shooting in manual mode and lighting these guys up with just one nikon sb910

Below we have a few images from yesterdays fun with Debbie & Andy & Marley! 


K x

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Gorgeous View

Marley looking super cute with his red bow tie on!

Andy wanted to try Debbie's hat on :-)

Check out the tongue, how big is that?

Marley looking to play fetch again not with a shoe this time

Gorgeous sunset just outside Debbie & Andys home


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