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Tuesday 10 October 2017

Doncaster Wedding Photography - Warmsworth Hall Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday we were all set to totally rock Carol & Steve's fun wedding at Warmsworth Hall in sunny Doncaster (weather wasn't to bad tbf just a little windy at times)

I started with all the girls over the road at the Holiday Inn capturing some getting ready vibes and general girly fun like you do! As everything was around the 2 venues I could nip down as a nervous Steve arrived to get some guy shots and general all round guy fun stuff.

The ceremony was held inside Warmsworth Hall (just across from the Holiday Inn) where everybody was getting seated and a very nervous looking Steve trying to keep his cool. 

Carol looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful blingy dress and I defo loved the style she had chosen as she arrived to meet a nervous Steve.

After the ceremony I encouraged everybody outside to get some nice reaction shots, line up for confetti plus go through as many formal & fun stuff as time allowed (though it was a little bit windy we weren't put off), loads of fun & laughter especially when I set up the piggy back race (love doing this shot) as Adina (carols daughter) somehow ended up on the floor 😂

After some time outside we all went to relax inside (and warm up) as shortly Eddie the wedding planner guy (what a legend, so helpful along with all his fab team (sorry can't say the same for miserable DJ as I asked to get a dance off as we always know this makes for fab dance floor shots, he just said it was 'his show' and he was in the middle of something 😤))

The speeches were before the meal, OMG I got the full 3 course menu, absolutely perfect food. Big shout out to the amazing chefs! Soup, Chicken (gorgeous) & Apple & Toffee Crumble & Custard (are you drooling yet)

Later in the eve just before dusk I suggested we head outside with the Bride & Groom to shoot some really creative off camera flash style shots and Carol & Steve didn't hesitate and off we headed, the grounds are really great with loads of places for fab shots, we try to not turn this into a massive photoshoot though and around 30 mins is quite adequate to capture various locations and angles.

In the eve we (massive thanks to Jordie for bobbing over to help) set our super wide Photo Booth backdrop up and everybody loved this and was straight on getting their crazy Photo Booth pose on after routing through our stacks of props that start of nice & neat then end up scattered all over the floor, haha no probs we love this time!

Below we have some highlights from Carol & Steve's absolutely awesome fun wedding, enjoy! K x

The full set of wedding previews from Carol & Steve's wedding can be found 
HERE, you will need the password from the Bride & Groom!

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Doncaster Wedding Photography

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