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Thursday 1 June 2017

Coniston Hotel North Yorkshire I Engagement Photography

Yesterday I tripped off to Coniston Hotel in North Yorkshire (another new wedding venue for us) to hook up with Kayleigh & David who had got there just before me and were chilling outside in the beautiful sunshine, we really did get the most beautiful eve light! Always great in summer if poss to arrange Engagement Shoots in the eve.

Kayleigh showed me around Coniston Hotel and where the ceremony would be held with the lovely wooden beamed roof plus we sat outside and went through the wedding info whilst I typed up some key points (on the awesome Zagg rugged book backlit keyboard attached to an iPad air 2) like timings and group shots required whilst getting to know them a little better (we always like to include our pre shoots in every package as this is a great way to get to know each other loads better before the wedding day)

After a lovely chat outside I got the cameras out and it was time for some nice, fun & relaxed pics. Wow what a venue, there was loads of places for great shots and a lovely spot down by the lake side which backs on to Coniston Hotel (looking forward to doing some epic off camera lighting shots down here)

Below we have a nice selection from our time with Kayleigh & David at Coniston Hotel, and not once did I mention Davids super tight trousers!!! (oh did I say that out loud)

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Ready Gladiators! Go.....

Lovely eve light and beautiful detail in the sky at Coniston Hotel

Chilling out at Coniston Hotel

Ooo errr missus...

This spot on the banking will be great for some creative lighting shots as we have a clear view of the sky

Love all the colourful yellow buttercups

David try's his sexy pout face

If you can't beat em join em

Come here with them tight trousers...

Ready for battle, last man/woman standing....


Creative & Fun Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Think that makes the score 1-1? Next challenge?

Careful over the cattle grid...

Creative lighting techniques outside Coniston Hotel

3 images photomerged in photoshop to create an awesome panoramic of Coniston Hotel


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