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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Kings Croft Wedding Photographer - Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Well after last weeks rather wet wedding Sunday was the total opposite at 30 degrees C plus at Kings Croft for Carmen & Daniels special wedding day celebrations, the sun was defo shining loud and clear and not a cloud in the sky (was hoping for a few to shade the sun later for pics)

Everything was at Kings Croft so no time was lost travelling. I started early morning at Kings Croft in Pontefract to meet up with all the girls getting ready and after 10 mins or so, when they get used to us being there things just got a lot more relaxed making it so much easier to capture all the pre ceremony fun and girly getting ready vibes.

It really was super hot (not complaining really after seeing the guys had 3 piece wool suits to wear 😂😂😂) they did get talc'd up though (if thats actually a proper word) it resembled a scene from scarface the movie in their room with white powder everywhere and I mean everywhere!!! (one of the fav films, bit of imagination info for you there) #sayhellotomylittlefriend #tonymontana

After some time with both the girls and the guys, made a lot easier as we were in one place we set up outside in the ceremony 'outdoor' room (which is surrounded by glass outside in the grounds plus seating for everybody). I am sure Daniel was slightly nervous though as he waited for the gorgeous Carmen but he really didn't show it just laughing and joking with his 'crazy' guys (fab set of folk and thanks to everybody for being awesome)

After the ceremony there really still wasn't any clouds around to diffuse the bright sun so I had to be selective where we shot some formal pics, the grounds really are great and lots of places to move around. Some formal shots in the bag everybody was escorted into the air conditioned room (luverrrrrllllyyyyy) to be seated for the Bride & Grooms entrance (speeches were after the meal) so I had a plan to cool down, in the car air con maxed out worked a treat with a few nibbles on hand

After the speeches we got most of the wedding party outside to crack on with more shots as we used the front gardens where we had some shade from the huge trees plus as it had been a really sunny day a sunset was imminent and I primed Carmen & Daniel and said I would grab them at the right time, so glad we got the sunset shots and Carmen & Daniel you were absolute superstars ALL DAY and never moaned once regardless of what we asked and we thank you massively for choosing us to record your special wedding day!!!

Below we have some highlights from one of our most hottest weddings EVER with the smiley Carmen & Daniel at Kings Croft Pontefract, click on the slideshow below to view all the images used in this blog highlights set to funky music. 

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Say hello to my little friend!


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