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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer - Becky & Sonny

The 2nd of the weekend before lasts Weddings with Becky & Sonny at Mount Pleasant Doncaster was in a word AWESOME from start to finish!!!

I arrived at Becky's in the early hours of Saturday morning ( this was after a wedding the day before, see previous blog post ) #needcoffee

Becky & Sonny had also chosen to have our ' Videography ' and we were all set to record their wedding day in super high broadcast quality footage ( highlights coming soon )

The start of the day was met with lots of laughter from all the girls and Becky is definitely one of the most smiliest fun loving brides we have ever met!!! PERFECT!

I would like to say that everything was on time and we arrived at the church in time but errr no that was not the case :-/
When I arrived at the church though and hooked up with the vicar OMG what a surprise!!! He had to be the most chilled out vicar EVER! In his own words ' your a professional and so am I, do what you want '

Awesome! We are only there to capture as many memories as we can for our fab couples and having restrictions put on us like the day previously only hinders us with this

St Georges Minster in Doncaster has to be the biggest church I have ever seen! I don't think I could see the ceiling from inside it was that high up, would have made for some awesome arial shots!

As the day progressed into one of the best confetti shots ever out side the church, we always LOVE a good confetti shot :-) We headed of to Mount Pleasant in Doncaster for the reception, little did we know though that we had to drive past Doncaster Racecourse so crawling along it was, never mind though as everybody else had to encounter the same traffic issues.
Becky & Sonny had allowed enough time before the sit down reception meal though which I would defo recommend if you want to capture some fab wedding shots and lots of reactions from all your guests!

Inside the reception room it was absolutely beautiful with attention to detail from start to finish, there were quite a few guests in the day, approx 130, and all the staff at Mount Pleasant seemed to handle this with ease bringing food in and out with no delays whatsoever, well done to them

Speeches, crazy fun dance floor in the evening and lots of banter as we set up our Photobooth Mania.

As we brought all our props in we heard lots of comments and everybody was defo up for a laugh in our Photobooth

What a day and what a fab wedding, long drive back home and think I may have collapsed on the settee ( for a split second ) before getting all the images downloaded and backed up

We always like to share the odd image from the wedding day on our facebook page that NIGHT if possible :-)

All Becky & Sonny's previews are now online to view click HERE to view ( password required )


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