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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Halifax Wedding Photographer - Holdsworth House Wedding Photography

The first of last weekends weddings with Gemma & Andy at Dewsbury Minster and then on to Holdsworth House in Halifax for Wedding Day celebrations

As we have shot quite a few weddings before at Holdsworth House in Halifax West Yorkshire before, one quite recently as well, it's always nice to re visit some fabulous West Yorkshire Wedding venues :-)

The day defo started off with beautiful weather and the sun was saying hello early on in the morning so all's good in the hood as they say!

I arrived at Holdsworth House to catch up with Gemma ( the bride ), Zoe ( the brides twin sister ) & Nicola ( bessie mate bridesmaid ) & not forgetting the cutest little girl in the world, Gemma's daughter Maisie

Just seen a few reviews on our FACEBOOK PAGE also from Friday's wedding ( thanks soooo much guys )

I must say also that all the girls were defo well chilled out, always a good thing, and was in hysterics as Nicola popped the champagne and nearly put a hole in the roof!!! :-/

I set off to Dewsbury Minster, which is actually the next village on from where we live in Mirfield West Yorkshire.

Arrived to find a smiley faced Groom getting his buttonholes sorted by various wedding guests, what was it that Andy said to me now? He said Kev I can't look at you and NOT laugh? OMG

As we totally LOVE weddings we give 100% to every single one and probably enjoy the day as much as the Bride & Groom tbf

After the service we got everybody to head off to Holdsworth House in Halifax West Yorkshire for some Wedding Day celebrations

We had a few hours to have some fun with all the wedding party and capture a few select group shots, family stuff, bridal party etc

As everybody sat down to a beautiful reception meal laid out by Holdsworth House I sneaked off for a few minutes to have some time out and a few ' healthy ' snacks 
( photographers do need to eat )

Gemma & Andy's wedding was defo a fab day and I enjoyed every single minute, even though I knew I had to do it all again the next day for
Gemma & Steve at Rogerthorpe Manor ( blog post coming soon )

Anyway enough from me, you want to see some fab wedding images yeah?

Here you go


K x

P.s all Gemma & Andy's Wedding ' Preview ' Images are now online
Click HERE to view ( password required )

Click HERE to contact us for the password or alternatively contact the Bride & Groom

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