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Monday 22 September 2014

Burntwood Court Wedding Photography

We originally met up with Amy & Martin when they used to live in the small village of Ossett West Yorkshire, they now live down south in Bournemouth and travelled back up to West Yorkshire for their big wedding celebrations

Early on Friday morning I arrived at Amy's parents house to be greeted by her dad who was outside doing a spot a gardening!!! On the wedding day? Now that's commitment for you! After a few 
' trimming the bush ' jokes I made my way inside to be greeted by lots a smiley, defo crazy girls!!!

Amy's family and friends were so welcoming and I knew straight away that the day was going to get a bit errrr crazy :-)

We always LOVE shooting all the bridal preparations as we shoot a full day wedding as standard, lots of jokes and banter with every single bridesmaid!! PERFECT

After a few hours, which defo seemed to fly, I made my way up to Holy Trinity Church in Ossett to capture some guests arriving etc

Throughout the ceremony the vicar had made it quite clear I was to stand at the back and basically only move if I had to :-(
Some vicars are defo more obliging than others ( we are only there to capture lots of memories for the bride & groom so I don't see the problem but hey )

After the wedding ceremony Amy & Martin made their way outside the church for what was one of the best confetti shots ever!!!

Lots of congratulations and banter outside with all the wedding guests

The weather was absolutely perfect!!! NO overhead sun and perfect light for us

Amy & Martin made their way to Burntwood Court in Barnsley for the wedding reception ( a first time for us here )

Wow what a reception room at Burntwood Court! The place was HUGE inside and that was without the dividing wall that split the room up!

We received quite a few nice comments on our facebook page ( click HERE to view our page ) after the wedding

Amy & Martin also had a sweetie cart which to my pleasure seem to becoming quite popular now at weddings! :-) Now I'm not saying I had any? Maybe the odd one!!

Absolutely had an awesome wedding day with Amy & Martin & ALL the fab wedding guests and want to do it all again!

Now you want to see some images right?

Well here you go, chosen from over 1000 previews that are all now online in the password protected gallery, it is defo hard to decide what images to blog from so many

Hope you enjoy

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