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Monday 29 September 2014

Yorkshire Civil Ceremony Weddings - Gemma & Beki

Last Saturday we tripped off down to Whitby to totally rock Gemma & Beki's civil ceremony wedding at Cross Butts Stables

The first time we had ever been here and a total of about 90 miles from home defo meant an overnight stay. As Jordan was shooting full day super high broadcast video ( his first double header bless ) we were also sharing a room at Salmon Leap Hotel in Whitby just miles from the venue, this defo proved invaluable late into the eve when we left the venue rather than driving back 90 miles home, we had also had a wedding the day before so the bed option was calling us!!!!

As a Creative - FUN & Upbeat Wedding Photographer we knew that Gemma & Beki were perfect for us after we met up in Rounday Park for the Pre Wedding/Engagement Shoot ( free with most of our wedding packages )

The weather was a bit drizzly and slightly damp but that didn't stop us getting in the zone for total fun & laughter as always!!! Banter comes second nature to us :-)

Inside Cross Butts Stables Marquee has to be the B I G G E S T marquee I have ever seen - EVER!!!

Always love a good scout around at new venues to get a feel for the place and to get them all important establishing shots to be able to tell a full day wedding story

Inside the courtyard at Cross Butts Stables I think most of the rooms were booked out to the wedding party so we were flitting from room to room as the girls got ready, the wedding was slightly different to the ' NORM ' but as long as our clients want to laugh all day we always love shooting fun weddings whatever the procedure

Gemma & Beki were full of smiles the whole day and regardless of the not so great weather they were up for a laugh as we got everybody posing on the bridge as seen in the images ( I was slightly worried about the bridge holding tbf )

We rocked well into the night as the dance floor was stacked out ( we always LOVE a full dance floor )

Now for the best bit!!! Wedding images, here you go enjoy!

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Loving the use of negative space here

Practise walking in killer heels

There's that negative space thing going on again :-)

Apparently the only time a photographer gets to look up a brides dress, so I was told :-/

Our caption competition entry on the facebook page


The coolest shoes EVER!


The BOY!!!

Time for some FUN!!

No idea what is going on here? :-/


Another NIKON

Be careful what you do when Kev's watching!!! :-)

Competition part 2?


Aww now that's just lazy Gemma!!! Haha


Biggest marquee E V E R

Chocolate FOUNTAIN!!! Yummy


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