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Tuesday 17 July 2018

Wentbridge House Wedding Photographer - Lauren & Thomas

Last Friday I was back at the gorgeous Wentbridge House for Lauren & Thomas's wedding celebrations, the sun was once again shining and it looked like a great day ahead of us.

Lauren was getting ready in the new build part of Wentbridge House with her girls and after some time getting some shots of the grounds I went up to introduce myself and try blend in 😂

After some time with the girls I set off to the church in Sprotborough and I did notice it had started raining a bit (was only a shower though) so no need to get a flap on 😆
After a quick chat with the vicar lady I waited for Lauren's arrival and throughout the ceremony captured the service from a great spot up the front on the church

After the ceremony I encouraged everyone outside with lots of congratulations type shots plus confetti and got some family stuff as noticed a lovely spot round the side in great light and a nice church door

Everyone set off to Wentbridge House and I arrived just before the Bride & Groom, a few quick shots with the cars and cracked on with as many formal, family & fun shots as poss in the time allowed before they all were sat down inside the Chrystal Suite to enjoy some tasty food and nice air con!

Speeches after the meal and then I encouraged everybody back to the front gardens to get some more stuff we didn't get time for earlier in the day before I had a little time with Lauren & Thomas around the grounds and just outside Wentbridge House

Below we have some highlights from Lauren & Thomas's wedding at Wentbridge House


K x

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