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Tuesday 17 July 2018

Rotherham Wedding Photographer - Manorial Barn Wedding

The 2nd of another double wedding weekend last Saturday with Beckie & Kurt at Manorial Barn in Rotherham. I arrived bright and early at Carlton Park Hotel nearby to catch all the girls getting ready plus another red hot day in the gorgeous sun.

The girls were making a few trips down to manorial Barn as it was so close by so I set off with the first lot to try capture so guests arriving and Kurt trying not to look too nervous.
Beckie arrived in a really well restored VW camper van (and we got a drive around later) just as everybody entered inside the barn ceremony area.
I was allowed to stay at the front through the service to capture the action and smiles too so all good!

After the ceremony we headed outside to get that all important confetti shot, family pics, couple shots etc etc in the time allowed before Beckie & Kurt tripped off in the camper van, I also got a ride to see if we could stop anywhere to get some shots of them in the sunshine (we found some horses)
As we arrived back at Manorial Barn there was still time to crack on with some more shots (love it when our couples allow us the time to capture the fun & laughter as well as family pics) before everybody was seated for the reception (i got a place near the top table with Beckie's sister wahoooo full meal for Kev)

Speeches after the meal and then we all enjoyed the fresh air outside the barn and just got some relaxed shots of couples before I had some time with Beckie & Kurt just outside the barn (chilling time)

Rocking on the dance floor (though couldn't get Kurt to do a dance off) to funky tunes (though we also did get a slight 30 mins power cut in the village but the photobooth team to the rescue with a bluetooth speaker so we had music)

Below we have some highlights from Beckie & Kurt's FUN wedding


K x

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