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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Wentbridge House Wedding Photographer - Wakefield Wedding Photography

The 2nd of last weekends fab fun weddings with Kimberley & Lee at the fantastic Wentbridge House ( how much do we love weddings here )

I started off at Kimberley's parents house, which is actually a stones throw away from Wentbridge House ( I think from her bedroom balcony you could actually see Wentbridge )

Kimberley & Lee had also decided to select our full day Videography so I had Master Jordan with me shooting video :-) ( we also had Tom arriving at the church to capture folk arriving etc )

Lots of fun & laughter with the girls in the morning and we got some epic shots, the road shot looks fab guys though we did have to wait a while for the cars :-/

We made our way to the church just before everybody set off so we could bag a parking spot as it had been mentioned parking wasn't easy so thought best get sorted!

Inside the church we did get slightly restricted by the vicar ( why do they do that ) so we didn't get as much as we would have liked but we had the main man Tom on the balcony so all was not lost #booyaaa

Despite the vicars attitude I wasn't going to let this stop the fun, shooting what I could through the service then some formal & fun shots outside, after this we made our way to the fab Wentbridge House for cool drinks and as much wedding photography we could before they went inside the Crystal Suite ( wow how awesome did that look? ) for the reception meal.

After the reception meal we took Kimberley & Lee for a stroll around the grounds plus outside of Wentbridge to some of our fav spots for shots ( check the pics below )

Totally had fun from start to finish, created some EPIC shots and met some fab people!!!!

Below is a selection of wedding shots from Saturdays fab wedding at Wentbridge House



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