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Sunday 3 July 2016

Wentbridge House Engagement Photography - Kimberley & Lee

I set off super early this morning down the A1 to Wentbridge House to hook up with Kimberley & Lee for a natter about their upcoming wedding plus we took some nice relaxed shots of these guys looking super smiley. The morning was beautiful and defo loved the light and weather today ( summer is finally here, hopefully )

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After a few shots in and around Wentbridge we sat down with a nice cup of tea ( and posh biscuits ) to go through any info these guys had plus get some timings down about their wedding

Kimberley & Lee suggested I visit their home where they have a stables so I could see their cute horse & doggie ( fab idea )

I was introduced to Harry their 25 year old horse and the cutest little chihuahua so we set about trying to get some shots of these guys ( who was it that said don't work with children and animals )  they defo did behave though so no probs!

Below are a few shots from this mornings fun hangout with Kimberley & Lee

Kev x


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