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Sunday 17 July 2016

Pontefract Wedding Photography - The Grove Pontefract

Yesterday we had a brand new venue for our wedding adventures at The Grove in Pontefract with Jade & Chris who booked us well over a year ago now for their wedding photography.

I started off at Burntwood Court in Barnsley for all the girly getting ready stuff and I think I was greeted by well over 15 girls ( #help ) but not to worry after I settled in I got to know them all and just knew the day would be full of laughs and total banter!

Jade had one of the biggest wedding dresses I had ever seen also, it looked totally awesome! Really wouldn't have fancied wearing it though #honest

They also had a Range Rover style Limo to get them to the church which was actually a minutes walk away from the reception venue so thought best park in there and walk round to the church as I made my way to get some shots of folk arriving.

After a quick natter with the vicar, who I must add was very obliging and he let me get what I needed to ( also a bonus ) I settled in to a good spot where I could capture most of the service without too much disruption. After the service we all headed outside to get some shots of lots of smiley faces and congratulations from everybody before I got everybody into position for a confetti shot ( love a good confetti shot )

When we had shot a few more formal images plus had a little fun with the bridal party we all headed off round the corner virtually to The Grove for drinks and to get some more shots after people had time to chill for 10 mins ( don't always like to get straight into the photos, always allow for some time after the service )

I had a great spot to get some group shots and the grounds around The Grove are great as there's lots of opportunities for pictures with lots of greenery around.

Inside the main room at The Grove is huge so lots of space for over 200 guests as Jade & Chris defo had loads of friends & family ( particular shout out to ' Peter Kay ( sorry I don't know his real name but he was the absolutely life & soul and a night out with this guy would defo be awesome ' )

Lots going on and later on we set our super wide Photo Booth backdrop up to capture some more crazy fun, we also had the printer and laptop set up so guest could see their images straight away and we were selling 9 by 6 inch prints in stand mounts on the night

Below we have a small selection of shots from yesterdays wedding fun with Jade & Chris at The Grove Pontefract

Massive shout out to Jonny for assisting with Photobooth :-)

To enquire about our wedding photography service please just get in touch via our web site CONTACT US page HERE

K x


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